Fall Wedding Dresses 101: How to Pick a Dress and Rock It

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Picking your wedding dress is probably the first thing you want to do once you become engaged.

But when you choose to have a fall wedding, you may not be certain what kind of dress to wear.

You’re concerned you may need to pick heavier fabrics to stay warm, or select a dress with full-length sleeves to reflect the season better. Really, there’s more to think about than a summer bride might have to deal with.

Fortunately, you have more options than you might think when looking through fall wedding dresses. Just because it’s an off-season time of the year to have a wedding doesn’t mean your dress is going to be “off” in any way!

To help you pick the right gown to wear for your fall wedding, here’s a look at several of the most popular trends, styles, and ideas you can get inspiration from:

A Quick Note

While popular choices are all well and good, it’s important you look at fall wedding dresses that you love, regardless of whether or not they’re “in fashion.”

For example, if you really want to wear that full-layered, luxurious ball-gown that makes you feel like a Disney princess, go for it! You won’t see many of them on the market this year for the fall, but that’s okay. You'll likely be able to find one you love if you just shop around.

It is your wedding day, after all.

And as always, keep in mind your body type and the shapes of dresses that suit you the best. Just because your sister looked fantastic in a mermaid dress doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

Your fall wedding will seem more genuine and true to who you are if you stick with the kind of dress that’s right for you!

Wedding Dress Ideas

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Fall wedding dresses come in almost every style and shape you can imagine.

However, some of the most popular options for this year are the sheath and A-line. Though other styles can be found, browse through any bridal gown website or store and you’ll see lots of these available during the fall season.

Sheaths work well for elongating the figure, and aren’t as restrictive or form-fitting as the mermaid and trumpet styles. A-lines are just classic, and look splendid on almost any body type.

Of course, as noted above, you don’t want to buy one of these gowns if it’s not what you really want or what suits your body shape. Go for that mermaid or empire-waist dress!

No one will care if it’s “in season” or not when they see how fabulous you look.

Wedding Dress Tips

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Even though dresses used to be shorter in the 1950s, the last few decades have stuck with floor-length styles.

But not anymore! Dresses can now be ankle, calf, or knee-length, even for fall weddings. While a longer dress will obviously keep you warmer if there’s a slight bite in the air, short dresses are not out of the question.

If you choose to try on shorter fall wedding dresses, make sure you have some proper cold-weather attire. Find a pair of tights or pantyhose you will wear with the dress to keep your legs from getting too cold in the event that you get some early snow or frost on your wedding day.

Add a pair of close-toed shoes (or even some cute booties!) and you're good to go.

Ideas for Fall Wedding Dresses

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Like all gowns, fall wedding dresses can be pretty boring without that little extra “wow” factor.

Lace, appliques, and a layer of see-through fabric (like tulle or lace) are all a popular choice for fall weddings. Dresses with one- or both-shoulder straps can help you make a unique statement if you don’t want to wear strapless.

You’ll also see a lot of illusion and sweetheart necklines peppered with lace or sparkling details, as well as shrugs, shawls, boleros, and jackets as cover-up options to help add depth and interest to the dress.

The overall idea with these types of fall wedding dresses is to exude a classy, modern fashion that pulls on traditional or vintage elements. This unique combination of style is perfect considering fall isn’t a “normal” time to have a wedding, and yet it works so well for many brides (like you).

Tips for Fall Wedding Dresses

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Remember how dresses used to all be long and white? Well, it’s already not true that they��re all long anymore, and they’re also not all white.

Pink fall wedding dresses are in style and definitely work for the bride who wants to set herself apart from the rest. Shades range from blush to bright pink. There were even designer dresses on the runways earlier this year that were definitely red-toned!

If you’re not that daring, try selecting off-white shades, like ivory or champagne. This works especially well with dresses that have lace on them because it promotes a vintage feel (if that's what you're going for).

You can of course stick with the traditional white dress, and add a pop of color through beading, a belt, or other accessories.

Wedding Dresses: Fall

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Your Turn…

Fall wedding dresses don’t have to be as limiting (or any less exciting) to pick out than a summer bride may have you believe. You have lots of beautiful options in front of you, especially with some of the more unique styles (short dresses) and colors (pink!) a ailable to you now.

All you have to do now is go out and try some on so you can find the one that’s right for you!

Are you going to get a dress similar to any of the ones in this post? Why or why not?