Family Vacation Venues in San Diego, Ca

School's out for the summer! Can you believe it? Whether it's to your dismay or delight, it is true that your children are now running free and it's time to start thinking about vacation plans. While you want your kids to have fun, I am sure you have no interest in dealing with costumed characters! Don't worry, we have the perfect idea for a family vacation complete with both luxury and fun!

Extravagant Bayside Fun for the Whole Family

Nothing is better than an extravagant bayside vacation for the family at the Bayview Mansion in San Diego, California. While tourists flock to the seaside paradise every summer, you can vacation like a seasoned local. With regards to safety, this estate is perfect for children and large families because it offers all the amenities of a 5-star hotel while being completely private.

Family Vacation Rentals in San Diego, Ca

Spending a summer vacation with the entire family could seem daunting at first; however, it can be a great idea as long as you are in the proper setting. Horror stories of family vacations usually involve trekking through mosquito-ridden forests or trying not to loose the cousins at a theme park. In order to avoid this it is essential to pick an environment with plenty of space and activities where everyone can enjoy their own personal free time. Also, when dealing with small children it's best to limit your vacation to private properties so you don't have to worry about the youngsters.

The privacy makes this the ultimate place for a family vacation because it allows for organized games on the estate's private grounds, shared recipes in the kitchen, and comfortable spaces for real bonding. You might even find yourselves starting a yearly tradition of Fourth of July capture-the-flag or having your own version of the US Open on it's private tennis courts!

Luxury Vacation Rentals in San Diego, CaThe estate is nothing short of stunning. Its 7,000 square feet of classic California architecture sits on panoramic bay views and features 5 bedrooms and 7 full baths. The property also has its own chef's kitchen (private chef available upon request) and top-of-the-line tennis courts.

Family Vacation Ideas in San Diego, CaPerhaps the best part of the estate is its access to the beach-- you will never find yourself circling the desirable neighborhood of Point Loma looking for a parking space again. The Point Loma neighborhood offers exciting restaurants, water-sport rentals, and stunning palm lined streets with quaint boutiques and cafes. Not only is it historic, it is also family friendly and full of different activities to do if you want to take a break from sunbathing at your beach estate. (Take a look at our Point Loma Local Guide!)

Activities for the Kids

Keep the kids entertained so you can sit back and relax!

1. Since the estate offers it's own private beach, have the kids go on a "hunt" for drift wood and beautiful shells. The search for the items might be an activity in itself but make it even more exciting by converting their sweet finds into fun crafts, which can later be used as centerpieces or homemade souvenirs.

I'm loving the "driftwood boats" found on Alisa Burke-- they are simple to make and sure beat macaroni art!

Where to go this summer for vacation

Courtesy of Alisa Burke Blog

 2. Just because you're not at a spa does't mean the spa can't come to you! Take a day to spoil you and the kids by hiring a manicurist to come to the estate and do some mani/pedis. After all, you are on vacation...

hiring a manicurist to come to the estate and do some mani/pedis

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3. Have a sandcastle building competition. This is a fun activity for the kids that doesn't require much supervision from the "grown ups." Have the kids build their own sandcastle based on a theme...think "animals" or "sea creatures", then watch your kids' creativity take a hold! The adults can come in and be the judges giving awards such as "Most Creative" or even "Funniest" because of course, everyone's a winner in a sandcastle building competition!

Fun things to do this summer on your family vacation

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Your Turn... 

What are you favorite family vacation activities during summer?