fat tuesday

Fat Tuesday {Mardi Gras} refers to events of the Carnival celebrations in which {by tradition + history} you indulge for the last night of eating rich foods before the customary fasting of Lent season.

Today, I thought I would share with you what I am making for this Fat Tuesday dinner in with friends...

First, we have the Pineapple Black Bean Salsa. Not only is it colorful and fits the theme, it tastes amazing! I love having it with pita or lentil chips! As much as this is a rich foods, go all out kind of celebration, I like to maintain some sort of healthiness since dessert is involved.

Fat Tuesday Salad

You cannot celebrate Fat Tuesday without the traditional Jambalaya. There are quite a few different recipes out there, some spicier than others. This one is by far my favorite. My mouth is already watering as I cannot wait to eat this for dinner tonight. Keep in mind it only takes 55 minutes from start to serve...so you have plenty of time to prep tonight if you are just deciding to partake in the celebration.

Fat Tuesday Jambalaya

While celebrating Fat Tuesday, we must have a drink that fits the mold! Try the Mardi Gras-Ritas! Margarita fun with the colors to continue the theme of the evening!

Fat Tuesday mardi gras-ita

Round out the night of Fat Tuesday with some yummy Beignets {I find this a bit tastier than King's bread}. When I was in New Orleans a few years back, I may or may not have indulged quite a few times in these tasty treats. Cannot wait, to savor again in a few hours and make a few extra for tomorrow morning's breakfast!

Fat Tuesday beignets

Your Turn....

What is on your Fat Tuesday {Mardi Gras} menu for tonight?