La Bella Vida estate rental

The key to a great estate is a balance between luxury and comfort. Palatial verandas and grand landscapes are great for corporate events and weddings, but more intimate gatherings call for comfort as well as grandeur.

Introducing our newest estate, La Bella Vida!

This estate delivers the perfect harmony you've been waiting for and is the optimal location for a warm, yet luxurious gathering. We have fallen in love with this estate because the interior is just as exquisite as the exterior and with overnight accommodations available, this estate offers exciting event possibilities. With a maximum capacity of 250 guests and the ability to accommodate 10 guests overnight, this estate is the perfect size!

La Bella Vida patio

Located in the coveted Rancho Santa Fe, California, La Bella Vida estate was originally crafted in the 1950's and has all modern amenities due to its recent renovation in 2009.

This estate is so Californian as it incorporates Spanish style and Mediterranean landscaping, resulting in pure luxury and attention to detail.

I love the synergy created by Spanish and Mediterranean styles-- an unlikely pair that provides the perfect backdrop for basking in the sun and conjuring feelings of an extravagant vacation.

The estate's airy and tropical feel make for a great company retreat, family reunion, and wedding. The estate also lends itself incredibly well to photo shoots because the backdrop is naturally stunning. La Bella Vida has such attention to detail and these small touches make for great photos without the need of props or "creative" poses.

La Bella Vida spacious living space

This estate knows how to make and entrance!

Upon arrival, guests are greeted by a French open gate and extensive driveway granting the property even more privacy and exclusivity.

A gated entrance is a great opportunity to make guests feel immediately pampered and welcomed.

It's a great idea to have a greeter at the gate to welcome and direct guests, as well as offer them a refreshment so they enter the event with an already great taste in their mouth. The driveway winds through manicured laws, palm trees, and even a horse farm. The scenery itself is sure to wow your guests. We also recommend decorating the trees that line the driveway with hanging falsey candles or wrapping them in lights, especially for night events! Hanging lights and lanterns instantly add romance!

La Bella Vida estate rental

La Bella Vida luxury estate rental

Verandas, Gardens, Terraces, and More. 

Basking in the sun is made easy by the estate's grand veranda, outdoor gardens, fountains, terrace, and stunning pool. The outdoor terrace and patio are ideal for a great cocktail hour and meals al fresco. One of the best outdoor spaces is the gazebo-like lounge encircled by greenery  and centered around an outdoor Spanish-style fireplace. Whether you are having a wedding or family reunion, this spot will serve as a great spot for small groups to chat and enjoy the warmth of the fire on a cooler night.

La Bella Vida outdoor seating

The estate's terrace is another great outdoor location for guests to duck away. It offers so many possibilities and makes this estate unique.

Overlooking the pool, the terrace would be a cool spot to put the DJ stand overlooking cocktail hour.

If you are planning a family reunion, this serves as a great spot for loved ones to enjoy the sun in the morning or sip wine as the day winds down. On another note, by hanging lanterns, this could transform into a whimsical area perfect for romantic occasions.

Indoor/Outdoor Space Makes for Any Caterer's Dream 

The estate's main feature is the integration of outdoor beauty and indoor comfort. The estate opens itself up to the outdoors with its slew of windows and French doors. Logistically, this  feature is priceless when entertaining because it allows for event planners, caterers, and waiting staff to easily bring indoor amenities to the outside and vice versa. It also allows for a variation in the atmosphere. Guests can mingle indoors and outdoors, enjoying the best of both worlds!

Welcoming and Fresh Interior 

Overnight accommodations in such a lavish estate is a rarity! La Bella Vida has a warm and inviting interior perfect for making a whole weekend trip out of your event. Whether you are having a wedding, or reunion, the additional time to spend with your family and vacation in San Diego is well worth staying overnight. Whether you are familiar with the Rancho Santa Fe area or not, you are in for a treat! The neighborhood offers close access to beaches and is just walking distance from boutiques, coffee shops, and world-renound golf courses.

La Bella Vida has 4 bedrooms allowing for the comfortable stay of 10 persons.

The fresh interior design is sure to rejuvenate and revive you and your friends and family after the event. Individual rooms are better described as suites and offer beautiful garden views. Of course, the master bedroom is breathtaking and also looks out into the sunny yard. White linen accents make the master bedroom airy and romantic while still managing warmth and elegance.

Large living areas with high beams and plenty of windows allow for comfortable lounging with friends and family. The open space in this estate is really like a breath of fresh air-- ocean air that is! Subtle palm trees in the home and beautiful tiling transports you to a vacation paradise. Plus, the living room includes a bar perfect for entertaining and stashing some of those left-over champagne bottles. You will be lounging and mixing cocktails in style at La Bella Vida!

This Spanish beauty is ready to host your next event, vacation, or gathering. Stay tuned for Spanish inspired event ideas and the unveiling of our other new estates--we've got some great ones coming your way!

Your Turn... 

What type of event do you see happening at La Bella Vida? There are so many possibilities!

The estate is a beautiful balance of Spanish and Mediterranean styles, what is your favorite estate style?