February Events

For most people in the US, February is the month when winter slows down and the first signs of spring start to show.

The second month of the year is also a great time for festivals, with two of the world's most famous and popular celebrations taking place.

Carnival, sometimes known as Mardi Gras in the US, is a colorful and party-filled fest that is held throughout the Americas and even in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

The Lunar New Year, celebrated in East Asia, and by Chinese communities around the world, is another highlight.

Meanwhile, major sporting events and important national holidays are also a part of the February calendar.

Here are the best events on the February calendar...

Carnival in the Caribbean

February Event Ideas: Caribbean Carnival Festival

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Carnival, held in many North and South American nations in the days before the religious celebration of Lent, features parades, street parties and plenty of dancing and music.

Caribbean nations like Trinidad and Tobago, Martinique, and the Bahamas are great places to experience these energetic celebrations for yourself.

Some parade groups even allow tourists to join them as they dance and drink their way through the streets between intricate floats and DJ booths on wheels.

The Daytona 500

Best February Events: Daytona 500

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February is also a great time for motor-sports enthusiasts.

The first big stock car race of the year, the Daytona 500, is held each February in Florida.

Yes, race-fans come to witness the speed and spectacle firsthand, but the surrounding events and parties, and the crowded and buzzing beaches of Daytona, are actually the main attraction for many Daytona tourists.

Chinese New Year

Exciting February Events: Chinese New Year San Francisco

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Chinese New Year is a traditional festival that falls in late January or early February.

Celebrated throughout most of East Asia, including China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam, and in cities with large Chinese immigrant populations like San Francisco and New York City, this day-long festival marks the beginning of the lunar calendar year.

Most people associate Chinese New Year with parades and the famous “dragon dances,” but there are a number of special events and plenty of restaurants offering feast-like meals as well as drinks and dancing.

Presidents Day in Washington DC

Presidents Day is a holiday that people usually don't celebrate (except for those who are able to take the day off of work because banks and government offices are closed).

However, a trip to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC to hear a reenactment of the Gettysburg Address or a stop in the Virginia towns of Williamsburg or Mount Vernon can really bring this often-overlooked holiday alive.

Spring training in Florida

Fun February Events: Spring Training Baseball in Florida

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The so-called Grapefruit League kicks off in late February in Florida.

Major League teams from both the National and American Leagues play each other in a month-long warm-up to the regular season.

Some fans come to see the games, but most baseball tourists enjoy spring training because they can have better access to players and practice sessions.

It is possible to watch your favorite team practice and to get autographs from players during a stay in Florida in February.

Valentine's Day

February Celebrations: Valentines Day

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Valentines Day is a celebration of romance that is marked in a number of different ways.

Some couples choose to head to an atmospheric East Coast travel destination like New York City or rural Vermont.

For others, a romantic tropical weekend in the US Virgin Islands or even dinner and dancing close to home is on the menu.

No matter what they plan, anyone with a significant other certainly has February 14th marked off on their calender.

What is the most important date on your February calendar? Let us know in the comments section below.