15 Yoga RetreatsSometimes vacations need to go beyond simply relaxing in a lounge chair on the beach with a cocktail in one hand and a book in the other.

Don’t get us wrong; sometimes that’s exactly what’s needed to relax for a week.

But sometimes you need to discover yourself in order to relax.

There’s nothing more powerful than a spiritual yoga retreat to help you center in your life and clear your mind of the hustle and bustle of the real world.

Thankfully there are plenty of amazing destinations to choose from for a stunning yoga retreat.

1. Mallorca, Spain

Spain Yoga Retreat

Mallorca is Spain’s exclusive island and the perfect destination for a luxurious yoga retreat.

This weeklong retreat is more than about practicing Yoga.

It’s also about cleansing your body from all of its bad toxins.

“Our philosophy is to provide you with relaxation, offering holistic care and discovering a new vision of life,” says Mallorca Retreats’ website. “Yoga, meditation and Ayurveda are our tools.”

Mallorca retreats offers four different types of retreats:

Deluxe Yoga & Massage Week:

This week is all about leaving your stress behind and immersing yourself in nature at a holistic, luxury eco-retreat where you can rejuvenate your spirit.

Mallorca is surrounded by pristine white sand that says good morning to gorgeous sunsets each day, making for a perfect week of yoga.

Detox & Rejuvenation Week:

This 100-percent organic detox process combines natural juice-fasting and raw food, in addition to yoga, hiking, medicinal herbs and complete nutritional consultation to cleanse your body from all of its toxins and parasites that can build up in the colon and digestive system.

Zen Yoga Silence Retreat:

While this program is built around yoga and meditation, its main focus is on quiet contemplation.

No matter your religion — Christianity, Buddhism or Hinduism, you’ll discover your inner self on this retreat.

Exclusive Rejuvenation Week:

This is Mallorca Retreat’s top package.

You’ll enjoy six nights in luxury accommodations, daily yoga classes — including daily facial yoga, health and nutrition counseling and more.

2. Bozeman, Montana

Bozeman Yoga

Montana may be a little-known state, but it offers some of the most beautiful mountainous scenes in all of America.

The Big Sky Yoga Retreat takes advantage of those glorious views.

Get ready for an unforgettable yoga retreat in Bozeman, Montana.

Big Sky Yoga Retreat offers what they call “Cowgirl Yoga,” a yoga and horseback hybrid retreat for women at all levels of yoga and equestrian.

Cowgirl Yoga stretches yourself physically, emotionally and soulfully.

And the best part is you’ll meet likeminded people along the way to help you reach center and feel completely relaxed.

3. France

French Yoga Retreat

The Viveka Yoga Retreat in Southern France gives you an opportunity to practice yoga in not only a beautiful setting, but also a beautiful language.

Yoga classes throughout your weeklong retreat are done in both English and French.

At Viveka, the main focus of the yoga retreat is sustaining the environment and living a healthy lifestyle.

To accomplish that goal, it uses ancient yoga philosophy, but ties it into practical approaches.

Your accommodations won’t be described as small, rather — cozy.

If you’re coming alone, the rustic wooden cabin is perfect for you.

Of course, there are also spacious bell-tents made from canvas that will have you living the simple and relaxed life.

This yoga retreat isn’t too rustic.

You’ll have hot, Asian-style outdoor showers and Internet access is available.

You are asked to bring a good pair of shoes and a torch.

4. The Bahamas

yoga retreat bahamas

It’s no surprise that a place as relaxing as the Bahamas has showed up on a top yoga retreat list.

The Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat provides an amazing environment for pure relaxation and spiritual growth.

While some of these yoga retreats are more designed for intermediate to advance yoga participants, the Ashram offers classes and programs designed for all levels.

For newbies, take the “Beginner’s Yoga Immersion Week,” which is designed for the person who has absolutely zero yoga experience.

For the more seasoned yogis, you’ll enjoy the class titled, “Deeper into the 5 points of Yoga,” which reemphasizes what you already know about the art of yoga, and makes you hone in your focus even more.

If you want to do yoga on the beach while the ocean breeze tickles your skin, Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat in the Bahamas is the retreat for you.

5. Sao Carlos, São Paulo, Brazil

Yoga retreat brazil

This Brazilian countryside yoga retreat offers various types of yoga, in addition to the meditation, silent walks and sacred dances.

Jatoba Terra Prana Lar Retreats is all about finding yourself and discovering your spirituality.

At times, you’ll find yourself in hours of silence, allowing yourself to clear your mind and focus on relaxing and finding yourself.

You’ll enjoy exquisite vegetarian meals, complete with homemade cheese, bread and yogurt.

Now more than a decade in business, this Brazilian yoga retreat will connect you with Mother Nature and will cleanse your spirit — especially after visiting the nearby sacred waterfall.

6. Yellowstone National Park

yellowstone retreat

A three-night stay in beautiful Yellowstone while performing various types of yoga is what you get through this other yoga retreat with Big Sky Yoga Retreats.

(Remember, they also run a retreat in Bozeman, Montana, listed about)

Yellowstone’s natural harmony almost makes yoga easier.

It helps weave your body into the various positions through Mother Nature’s influence.

Unlike some of the other yoga retreats on this list, it’s not all about silence and self-reflection.

In addition to Yoga, the staff at Big Sky Yoga Retreats also wants you to go animal spotting and hiking, to explore the beautiful national park.

You’ll also stay in stellar A-frame cabins.

When your retreat is over, your soul will be completely soothed and you’ll leave with the personal commitment of supporting a more sustainable lifestyle.

7. Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada

salt spring retreat

Salt Spring Island offers a true sanctuary for your body and soul.

Founded in 1981 by the Dharma Sara Satsang Society, the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga is a yoga community motivated to help you find center, with breathtaking views serving as the perfect backdrop.

Take a personal retreat here and practice yoga individually and with the help of the center’s master yogi.

You’ll deepen your relaxation and sense of well being by treating yourself to an Ayurveda or bodywork session at the wellness center, ensuring that you’ll return home well nourished and spiritually rejuvenated.

You’ll stay in rustic accommodations, but will enjoy the freshest of food, which you will help pick from the garden.

8. Rishikesh, India

retreat yoga india

The Rishikesh Yoga Retreat is all about releasing the bad toxins from your body.

You’ll not only practice yoga on this 7-day retreat, but also detox your body.

In return, you’ll lose weight and body fat, reduce any unwanted habits, keep your skin looking fresh and buildup a greater resistance to allergies.

Additionally, you’ll just feel more rejuvenated and relaxed.

Intertwined with that detox will be a balanced approach to Yoga.

Don’t expect to be worn out, tired — or even ill after a tough yoga workout.

Your body is adjusting to the detox, but the yoga will help it.

For once, you’ll finally feel completely cleansed.

9. Whidbey Island, Washington

washington yoga retreat

An easy drive from Seattle or Bellingham, Washington, the Yoga Lodge on Whidbey Island offers a wide variety of yoga workshops and retreats.

Either visit for a day retreat or a weekend-long retreat and experience spiritual yoga classes in an exquisite retreat facility.

The Yoga Lodge offers classes and retreats designed for all levels, although you should have some basic knowledge of yoga heading into a retreat.

Most retreats are only weekend-long, but check the lodge’s website calendar for the latest schedule.

And if you want to make your retreat a bit more luxurious, consider staying in the Yoga Lodge’s bed and breakfast, which offers vegetarian and vegan meals.

You’ll truly discover the peacefulness of the U.S.’s Pacific Northwest at the Yoga Lodge.

10. Brooks, Maine

maine yoga retreat

Located on the most beautiful 100 acres you’ll ever set your eyes on, Rolling Meadows Yoga & Meditation Retreat is dedicated to helping you find personal and spiritual renewal.

That’s accomplished through traditional yoga and meditation.

The idea of the retreats are simple: “Provide a supportive environment, allowing you to begin or deepened practices, to shed light on habituated patterns of behavior, to take personal time for digesting life experience and to recognize the ease and peace of our true nature.”

Maine is obviously a beautiful state, but listen to these testimonials:

“I will never forget this wonderful experience,” said one Vancouver participant. “The environment lent itself to honest self-reflection.”

“Much thanks from the bottom of my heart for your spiritual guidance and hospitality in sharing and opening your home,” a Florida participant said. “My heart has been opened and warmed by both of you… Rolling Meadows is truly a hidden gem and one that I am fortunate to have found.”

The retreats are designed for up to 10 participants, so you won’t be alone while working toward improving your physical, spiritual and mental health.

Additionally, retreats are designed for novices and intermediate yoga participants.

Having a basic knowledge of yoga will certainly help coming in to the retreat.

11. Sedona, Arizona

sedona arizona retreat

Welcome to 7 Centers Yoga Arts — the very first yoga studio established in beautiful Sedona, Arizona.

You’ll work with some of the top master yogis on one of the four offered retreats.

Yoga Bliss Signature Package:

This retreat includes 5 classes plus three private classes.

Additionally, you’ll go on a two-hour yoga hike and practice meditation.

The 3 sister Sciences: Yoga, Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology:

On this retreat, you’ll not only get 5 yoga classes and private yoga classes, but also an Abhyanga Oil Massage and cooking class.

Transformation and Clearing:

Along with your yoga classes, you’ll go through a yogic cleansing, mediation and spiritual counseling.

You’ll also have a Vedic astrology reading, massage and private health consultation.


This is the premiere package, which offers everything that the three other programs offer combined.

You’ll have plenty of choices for your accommodations, as there are many fancy hotels and private estates to rent located in Sedona.

12. Helena, Montana

montana yoga

Nestled in the northern Rocky Mountains in Helena, Montana, the Feathered Pipe Ranch hosts premier thinkers and visionaries of our time in a pristine and peaceful mountain sanctuary.

A retreat here will leave you feeling completely rejuvenated, refreshed and spiritually cleansed.

The Feathered Pipe’s signature retreats are their personal/private yoga retreats.

Your private retreat is crafted with a mix of yoga, meditation and the healing arts — all of this while being immersed in the best that nature has to offer.

According to the organization’s website, participants don’t see the retreat as a vacation getaway, rather, it’s a homecoming to something deeply familiar — a place that resonates with your soul.

You’ll enjoy home-cooked meals made with the finest of organic ingredients that are locally sourced.

At day’s end, soak away in a hot tub as the sun sets behind the mountains.

While this is described as a “homecoming” type experience, it certainly feels like the relaxing elements of a true vacation.

13. Tulum, Qunintana Roo, Mexico

mexico yoga retreat

The Maya Yulum Resort offers an unbelievable yoga experience on the beautiful Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.

This resort is dedicated to seaside wellness and offers some of the most luxurious scenery you’ll ever set your eyes on.

Why Mexico?

Because of the weather.

The peninsula offers an ideal climate for yoga and the sun shines year-round.

Right when you think it’s too hot, a fresh breeze rolls off the ocean.

How do these classes sound?

“A weekend of Peace and Gratitude,”

“Autumn Yoga and Pranayama Retreat,”

"The Art of Letting Go,” and

“Strengthening the Essential Self: A 2012 Rite of Passage.”

You’ll participate in yoga classes designed for all levels, enjoy eco-tours and stay in luxurious accommodations.

And in addition to your yoga classes, you’ll also enjoy spa treatments.

Think of this as an opportunity to not only reflect on yourself and your spirituality, but also an opportunity to treat yourself.

14. South Africa

yoga retreat south afirca

South Africa has plenty of yoga retreats to explore.

Thank goodness for SouthAfricaYoga.com — the top site for discovering your next yoga retreat in the African country.

Many of the retreats across South Africa not only help you help yourself, but also help others.

One of the components of yoga — selflessness — is a key focus in South Africa.

Here, it’s known as Seva and it’s an important yoga lifestyle.

You���ll have an opportunity to help our struggling villages through community projects.

You’ll meet the cutest children and help make their lives even better.

15. Tuscany, Italy

Italian Yoga Retreat

Eat.Pray.Move is a series of yoga retreats scattered across Italy.

The one we’re ending this top 15 list with is located in Tuscany.

You’ll enjoy daily meditation and yoga classes that are designed to relax, stimulate and help grow in your own personal practice.

These classes are designed for all levels.

You’ll study under master yogis who received their certifications across Italy and have strong followings.

There’s more to this retreat than just yoga, however.

It’s a whole vacation, actually.

You’ll reside in luxurious villas, eat healthy, vegetarian meals and enjoy the breathtaking views of Tuscany’s rolling hills and earthy vineyards.

Do you have a favorite?

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