After all of the time andWedding Anniversary Ideas effort that goes into planning a wedding there is hardly time to rest before it is time to start thinking about your anniversary.

The first year of marriage is often filled with compromises and adjustments so don’t be afraid to reward yourself.

I mean hey, you've already put Kim Kardashian to shame!

Here are a few ideas of things to do at your wedding that can be enjoy a year later on your anniversary:

Your first anniversary is a great time to look back and reflect on your love for your spouse and how you felt on your wedding day.

During your wedding ceremony nail shut a wooden box containing love letters or copies of your wedding and a bottle of wine.

Open the box together on your anniversary.

First Wedding Anniversary Ideas

The top tier of your wedding cake is traditionally enjoyed on the first wedding anniversary.

It is a great accompaniment to love letters and wine.

 Wedding Anniversary Venues

At your wedding reception have empty wine bottles on display with numbers on each.

That number will correspond to that year’s anniversary.

On your first year you can open the first bottle and read the advice and words of love your family and friends have written.

 Wedding Anniversary Themes

My absolute favorite idea is one that involves a little planning, but is definitely worth it.

On your wedding day have each guest bring a small scrap of fabric.

It can be any color, size, and have a special meaning or just be something fun.

After your wedding, incorporate all of the pieces into a quilt and have the quilt completed by your first wedding anniversary.

What a great way to remember all of your loved ones who shared your special day.

Wedding Anniversary Reception Ideas

Do you know of any great ideas to do on your wedding that can be enjoyed on your anniversary?