Napa Valley special events

Napa Valley is the most well-known wine making region in the US (and one of the most popular destinations for winery and vineyard tourism in the whole world).

Obviously, hosting a wine-themed festival in this northern California paradise is an attractive idea.

If you add gourmet food and local culture to the mix, it would seem like you had the perfect recipe for an amazing event.

Flavor! Napa Valley does exactly that: bringing food, wine and and the unique culture of Napa together for one memorable week.

Flavor! Napa Valley

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Starting on November 20th this year, Flavor! will run for five delicious days.

The best chefs, vintners, and farmers from California (and from around the world) will be providing insight into how to best appreciate fine wine and the culinary arts.

Yes, gourmands will be in heaven during Flavor!, but it is hardly an ultra-exclusive event for fine-dining aficionados.

From the Wine Lovers Boot Camp to the Terroir to Table experiences (which trace dishes from farm field to kitchen to table), there is plenty for everyone to enjoy during this tasty and insight-filled week.

That said, the sheer quality of the food, wine and the events themselves certainly give Flavor! an exclusive feel.

Napa Valley food and wine special events

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Celebrity “Iron Chef” Masaharu Morimoto will be on hand for a cooking demonstration, and TV chef Todd English will host an interactive lunch experience.

Wine country cuisine pioneer Cindy Pawlcyn and and fusion-cooking forerunner Roy Choi will also be headlining cooking demonstrations during the festival.

Of course, Napa Valley, with its mixture of quaint atmosphere and sophisticated culture, is the ideal place for hosting any type of cultural event.

Flavor! offers the full Napa experience by showcasing the best aspects of the Valley and making them accessible to everyone who wants to attend.

Attendees can buy individual tickets to the events and tastings that will be held during the five days of Flavor!

There are also ticket bundles available for people who want the full experience.

These range from basic packages for people who want to attend only the cooking demonstration to full VIP packages that provide access to small-group wine tastings, interactive VIP lunches with famous chefs, and personalized farm and vineyard tours.

Napa Valley estate

Because of Napa is such a famous place and Flavor! showcases the best that it has to offer, this is a great time to host your own Napa Valley wine and food event.

Flavor! does not have any schedule-fillers (every event is worthy of headline status), so the festival's attendees will have plenty of time to head to one of Napa's classic estates to enjoy your special event in addition to the official Flavor! happenings.

Make your Flavor! party buzz-worthy and perhaps the festival's headlining chefs and sommeliers would want to pay a visit.

Of course, with so much sophistication and classiness on offer in Napa during November, you will want to make sure that you choose the right venue for your event.

Saint Helena's Vineyard Estate is a multimillion-dollar property with expansive garden-filled grounds and a large main house that has all the classic elements that make Napa's atmosphere so special.

There are even six luxury suites onsite for special guests who want to spend the night after your festivities have ended.

With personalized concierge service, onsite event staff, and optional catering services offered by some of Napa Valley's best local chefs, hosting a sophisticated food and wine event is actually quite straightforward at Saint Helena's.

Napa Valley events

Another luxurious Napa Valley option is the Edgewood Ranch.

This 60-acre property can host larger events (up to 300 people) and has the perfect mix of sophistication and countryside quaintness that characterizes Napa's best event venues and wineries.

With a huge indoor area, a lounge, an expansive deck and Northern California's trademark towering redwood trees, there is certainly a lot here at Edgewood for guests to enjoy.

Located in prestigious Nicasio, home of George Lucas's Skywalker Ranch, Edgewood is certainly not short on sophistication.

The location will virtually guarantee that your event has an air of exclusivity.

Napa Valley special events

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Flavor! Napa Valley is a very popular event.

You can book your event estate now through the Estate Weddings and Events web site.

There, you will also find other venues in Napa Valley and in the surrounding regions.

You can easily find the estate and location that will fit your hosting needs perfectly.

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