5 Wedding Themes For When You Want to Flaunt Your Geeky Side

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When you think of geek wedding ideas, you probably picture all the Star Wars-themed weddings you've read about online. Or you might think of the Disney weddings people can't seem to get enough of.

You could even be thinking about a Twilight-inspired wedding.

However, when geeks get married, there's no shortage of inspiration for their wedding themes. If you take the time to do some searching online, you'll see there's plenty of universes and genres that couples have worked with in the past (some maybe a bit too inspired!).

And if you're the kind of couple who's thinking about hosting a geek wedding of your own, you're in the right spot. This blog post is the perfect starting point to get your nerd-spiration going. Though we've only listed a few themes here, we've got even more links for you to check out at the end.

Here are 5 geeky wedding themes for sweethearts who aren't afraid to bring some fandom to their wedding day:

Robots - 

Anyone who's fans of Daft Punk, Wall-E, or any other kind of topic inspired by robotics will adore this geeky theme.

Though some couples go all-out and have a robot officiate their wedding ceremony, you can be significantly less extreme and still bring a nice robotic flair to your special day.

Create your invitations with a very digitized theme, or try adding some robot figurines as adorable cake toppers!

Geek wedding theme ideas

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robot figurines as adorable cake toppers

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Legos -

Who doesn't like Legos? Especially when everything is awesome about them (if you didn't get that reference, you need to see The Lego Movie).

Some couples like to showcase their creative, fun sides, and what better way to do so than with Legos! With the huge range of Lego toys available on the market, you basically have no limit for inspiration other than your own mind.

Grab a regular old pack of Legos and use them as vase fillers. Use Legos in the floral arrangements. Provide Lego-shaped favors. The options are endless!

Geeky wedding

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Geek Wedding Decor

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How to throw a geek wedding

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Video Games -

This entire genre can give you and your loved one tons of inspiration for wedding themes.

Whether you're a Halo buff or prefer the old-school titles like Pac-Man and Super Mario, you're likely to find lots of ideas for incorporating your favorite video game into your wedding day. 

Themed cakes or cupcakes are the easiest way to bring in the game of your choice. You may as well also rent a big screen and get your guests playing video games right at your reception!

Ideas for a geek wedding

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Geeky wedding decor

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Pirates -

You know how some geeky couples get married at the Renaissance Festival, all dressed up like a king and queen?

Well, some choose to get married by picking one of the more rough and rowdy wedding themes: pirates! This type of wedding is perfect for the cosplayers who want to carry over their love of costuming into a truly unique wedding day.

Picking a pirate wedding theme is perfect if you also want to have a beach wedding theme or if you want to get married on a ship. You can also hand out Captain Morgan bottles as favors (though Jack Sparrow would be sad all the rum's gone).

Geek wedding themes

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Wedding Themes for a geeky wedding

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Dinosaur - 

When you're the kind of couple who thinks a day at the museum sounds more fun than going to a bar, check out this wedding theme.

Getting married in a museum and having a dinosaur-themed wedding is nothing short of incredible. And done right, it can be both incredibly classy and highly memorable at the same time (none of that over-the-top, cheesy Jurassic Park stuff, please).

Include dinosaur or general archaeology motifs on your invitations, seating cards, table numbers, etc., and try to include not just dinosaur figurines, but also full-out bone models, as well!

Theme Ideas for a Geeky Wedding

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Geeky Wedding Decor Ideas

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Your Turn...

This post only brushed the surface of geeky wedding themes that you can work with and get inspiration from. If you want more ideas, check out this unique wedding themes post that includes ideas for steampunk, superhero, and even Harry Potter weddings.

Another great source to check out is the When Geeks Wed blog, as well as the Offbeat Bride. Keep looking around for that geeky wedding theme that will define you and your significant other for the rest of your lives.

If you could pick any geeky wedding theme (even one not listed here), what would it be and why? Or have you already had a geeky wedding? Share in the comments below!