Get Ahead of the Game! Celebrity Wedding Dresses and Trends for Spring/Summer 2014

We're looking to the stars to find the most sought-after wedding dresses and trends for Spring and Summer 2014. We're also looking to celebrity wedding designer Mindy Weiss who shares some of the trends she sees emerging post-winter. We want to know how we can "copy" the stars but of course, make our wedding all our own!

Let's start with everyone's favorite… the dress! This is one area where celebrities really like to push the boundaries and think outside the box. While I'm not suggesting strolling down the isle in purple organza and a Cinderella headpiece (think Celine Dion circa 1994), it's about time brides start pushing the envelope!

The new trend for Spring/Summer 2014 is the short dress. This is not something we haven't seen before, in fact Mia Farrow shocked people in 1966 when she wed Frank Sinatra in a simple and sophisticated short dress. Her shapeless shift dress with a cropped jacket and simple pumps were enough to shock people in those days and can still be a major fashion statement today!

Celebrity Wedding Dresses

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Celebrity gowns today seem to be channeling Mia's bold 1966 move. Monique Lhuillier's new wedding dress for Spring/Summer 2014 is also short, sweet, and to the point…point of the shoe, that is! I love the simplicity of this look. Among all the headdresses, feathers, organza, and wild colors, it's a dress as simple as this that will really make a statement!

Wedding Dress Trends

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I couldn't resist adding in another Monique Lhuillier short dress that stole my heart. Besides the fact that Monique Lhuillier is always dressing celebs, her styles seem to always set the trend. This dress has a bit of old Hollywood glam and is definitely setting the stage for Spring/Summer 2014 wedding dresses.

Celebrity Wedding Dress Ideas

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In a recent interview with Huffington Post, Mindy Weiss had some great things to say about upcoming wedding trends for Spring/Summer 2014. Being a celebrity stylist, her experience comes mostly from celeb weddings. She was ecstatic about an upcoming celebrity bash that plans to cover an entire tent in lace… I wonder what celebrity nuptials asked for this!

That being said, lace is here to stay. Weiss recommends either adding subtle touches of lace or going "all out". Just like any other wedding trend, you have to commit! Another Monique Lhuillier gown from her Spring/Summer 2014 line embodies exactly what Weiss is talking about. I love how the lace cape works to give the illusion of a full length veil.

Wedding Dress Inspirational Ideas

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Inspired by Red Carpet looks, Weiss says that celebrities are incorporating purses and clutches into their wedding style. While a clutch is definitely the last thing I want to be worried about on my wedding, she thinks this style is gaining traction because of the heavy emphasis of accessories on the Red Carpet. The clutch can serve as a cool pop of color that can easily be ditched for more traditional pictures.

Take a look at how Jennifer Lawrence incorporated the clutch at the 2013 Oscars.

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Speaking of pictures, Weiss notes that more artsy photographers are entering the wedding scene. A-list wedding pics are of course always editorial, but Weiss thinks even everyday brides are going to start vamping up their wedding shots. However Weiss notes, "Their style is great for about 10 photos, but you still need grandma…it's not just a picture about the shoes."

One of my favorite celebrity wedding photo shoots is that of Kate Moss. She was able to keep her pictures editorial (how could she not?) but also incorporated her big family. Take a look at the familial excitement these photos capture while still remaining true to Moss' style.

Inspirational Wedding Dress Ideas

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Inspirational Wedding Dress Styles

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Celebrity Dress Ideas

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Finally, Weiss recommends lots of low flowers for table arrangements. She thinks these arrangements facilitate a sense of intimacy and make sure no one strains their neck looking over tall decor in the middle of the table. She says celebs are opting for low flower arrangements and lots of them! The center of celebs' wedding tables are resembling mini-gardens and she's not complaining'!

If gardens aren't really your thing, simple peonies and a nice runner will never go out of style!

Celebrity Wedding Ideas

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While it seems like we always have our eyes to the stars, it's important to never lose sight of the ones right in front on you! Taking tips and tricks from celebs is a blast but remember to always tailor your wedding to your own likes and needs.

Your turn…

How will you take a celeb's wedding and make it all your own?