Outdoor Wedding Ideas & Decorations
Are you on the lookout for outdoor wedding decoration ideas and inspiration?

From chandeliers hanging from tree branches to aisles adorned with rose petals, we've got ideas galore to ensure your outdoor wedding gets decked out in style.

Know Your Theme Inside Out

Before you even begin to think about your outdoor wedding decorations you need to know your chosen theme inside and out. If you want your outdoor wedding decor to be a success then you need to do your homework. The decorations will set the mood of the entire event so don't charge ahead without a concrete idea of the style and look you are aiming for.

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Remember, if you choose a theme that incorporates greens you'll have an easy time of decorating your outdoor wedding!

Location, Location, Location

A lot of your outdoor wedding decoration woes can be solved simply by choosing a beautiful wedding venue that draws upon the natural beauty of its surroundings. If your selected venue features an incredible backdrop this will lessen the need to decorate.

Some of the most popular outdoor wedding venues include;

Beach --

There is nothing quite like saying your vows with the glistening blue ocean behind you and the warm golden sand underfoot. Beach weddings require next to no decorations because the setting really does speak for itself.

Private Estate --

Private estates and their accompanying grounds are kept in pristine conditions making your life a whole lot easier. There are no unwanted distractions around and they are almost always set in a magnificent environment.

Botanical Gardens --

Botanical gardens are luscious with an array of tropical flowers, exotic plants and brightly colored arrangements. More often than not botanical gardens also have a selection of beautiful features such as historic columns, archways and ruins which make for the perfect altar.

Forest --

The forest provides a truly unique and somewhat magical venue for your outdoor wedding with natural trees and greenery everywhere. Depending on what time of year you choose to tie the knot you may also be lucky enough to be blessed with a blanket of snowdrops or bluebells. Don't forget to take advantage of the trees for hanging all your gorgeous outdoor wedding decorations.

Vineyard --

Vineyards ooze charm. Nestled among breathtaking mountains and rolling hills, you won't need to add much to make this venue shine for your outdoor wedding.

Parks --

One of the best things about choosing a park for your outdoor wedding venue is they often have a bandstand or gazebo that can serve as the focal point of the ceremony, plus they are super easy to decorate.

Outdoor Wedding Decorations

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Lighting will play a huge role in your outdoor wedding especially if it is taking place in the evening. Lighting is the key to add warmth and ambiance. Hanging chandeliers, candles, lanterns and string lights make a big difference to the overall feel of the event, so don't be afraid to splurge a little in this area.

From hanging luxurious chandeliers from overhanging trees to using cute little mason jars as candle holders, lighting will add a special touch to your outdoor wedding decorations. And you don't have to stop there! You can also line the aisle and walkways with luminaries, as well as have them double up as centerpieces for your table decorations.

Outdoor Wedding Decorations: Lights

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Outdoor Wedding Decorations: Candles

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Dressing up your outdoor space with linens is a cheap and simple way to bring additional colors into the mix, even more so if many of your other outdoor wedding decorations are primarily white. While white is by far the most traditional option for table cloths and chair covers, why not spruce things up a little by opting for a color instead.

If you don't want to go overboard with the color, you could always use colored napkins or runners as a color pop instead. Another fun idea is to use streams of colored fabrics to hang in the trees or from balconies. Tulle is your friend! Apart from adding elegance to your event, it is also a great way to provide some much needed shade to guests, especially those that aren't looking to enhance their tan.

Outdoor Wedding Decorations: Linens

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Outdoor Wedding Ideas: Linens

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When it comes to the flowers the trick is to keep it close to nature, you are hosting an outdoor wedding after all! Depending on your backdrop, you may already be blessed with a whole host of wildflowers that simply require little complimenting, and this will act as your color palette. Try to stick with varieties that are in line with your setting.

So if you are tying the knot in the middle of the forest surrounded by purple mallows and creamy foxgloves then use this as inspiration for any extra flowers that you plan to add. Flowers make for simple centerpieces that can carry the whole table, and they are also perfect for filling up empty spaces. Be sure to use sturdy vases that won't blow over in the wind, or buy potted plants and replant them into something a little more stylish if their original pot isn't quite up to the mark.

Outdoor Wedding Decorations: Flowers

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Outdoor Wedding Decor: Flowers

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There is a reason that they say 'it's all in the details' you know. The little details, the ones that can so easily be forgotten when carried away with the chaos of wedding planning, are what will truly make your outdoor wedding have a lasting impression. The following ideas may seem simple and in many ways insignificant, especially when you are trying to find the perfect outdoor wedding venue or wedding dress, but trust me they can have a huge impact if done right;

-- Floating candles and rose petals in water

-- Bows on chairs

-- Floral decorated trellis or arch

-- Colored stones or pebbles on tables

-- Balloons tied to trees and chairs

-- Bowls of fruit

-- Hanging pine cones

-- Floral lined aisle

-- Hay bales for seating

-- Picnic blankets and baskets

-- Unique food and beverage displays

Outdoor Wedding Tips

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Outdoor Wedding Inspiration

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Decor Ideas for an Outdoor Wedding

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Decoration Ideas for an Outdoor Wedding

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Fun Outdoor Wedding Decor Ideas

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