“For betterAnniversary Gift Ideas: Jewelry Edition or for worse, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish.”

Wistful yet?

Whether you are celebrating your first anniversary or a decade, you have probably experienced the spectrum of your vows, and your anniversary is a testament to your holding true to that promise.

Your anniversary gift should be a reflection of that, but it can be difficult coming up with new and creative ideas each time.

You want a gift that shows that your bond has grown and matured with the passing year.

It should send a message of appreciation for the journey already traveled and one of everlasting love for the journey left ahead.

Look no further than jewelry for a lasting gift that sends an eternal message.

Here is an idea to help take your gift from inside the box to outside the box...

A beautiful and poignant idea for a wedding anniversary is a vow renewal ceremony.

Whether you decide to go big and invite all your friends and family, or keep it small and intimate with just a few close guests, you have a lot of room to make it your own.

If you have children or new friends that weren’t at your first ceremony this is a perfect way to include them in your happy occasion.

If you decide to go with the second choice, small and intimate, you can always make it a “destination” anniversary celebration.

You know how you’ve always wanted to have a destination wedding, but couldn’t fly out all your family and friends, so settled for a local one?

Here’s your chance to fulfill that wish, just you and your hubby (and maybe a few friends).

Think of it as a second wedding and honeymoon rolled into one!

Now that you have the location and the guest list, the last piece of the puzzle is the gift, and what else should it be than a beautiful ring or necklace!

Here are a few anniversary gift ideas to get you started...

Vintage Diamond Anniversary Ring

Anniversary Ring Ideas

This time present her with a magnificent anniversary ring to sit proudly next to her engagement and wedding rings, like the Vintage Diamond Anniversary Ring.

You can personalize it with an important date, an inside joke, or your promise to each other, turning it into more than just a stunning gift.

And though the ceremony will come to an end, you will always have the ring as a reminder of that special moment when you reaffirmed your vows and love for one another.

Three Diamond Gemstone Anniversary Ring

Anniversary Jewelry Ideas

Another unique and sentimental idea for a ring is the Perfect Three Diamond Gemstone Anniversary Ring.

The beauty of this ring is that you can customize the birthstones to represent each person in your family.

One for the husband, wife, and if you have children, this is a sweet way to include them into this everyday piece.

That way wherever you go you will always have a part of your family with you.

The Combination Diamond Journey Pendant

Anniversary Necklace Ideas

A necklace works as a wonderful and thoughtful anniversary gift as well.

The Combination Diamond Journey Pendant is just right because it symbolizes your excitement for the journey ahead.

Being worn close to the heart, this necklace reminds the wearer that your promise to love and cherish is still thriving.

Finding your One is a remarkable accomplishment on its own, but standing by your loved one’s side throughout the years, for better or worse, is an even bigger one!

Now go ahead and revel in that anniversary ring or necklace's brilliance, you deserve it!

Do you have a favorite or any ideas to add?

Please do in the comments below...