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South America is both exotic and accessible. Anyone with a basic knowledge of Spanish (or Portuguese in Brazil) will be able to get around just fine. The continent's cities are cosmopolitan, and its vast natural areas are extremely beautiful and remote. All the romantic ingredients are here: wineries, horseback rides, stunning mountain panoramas and secluded beaches. These activities and attractions make South America a great place for a destination wedding.

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Options for a destination wedding in South America

We are going to focus on three of South America's most attractive countries. These places have all the qualities necessary for a perfect destination wedding (or just for a standard vacation). Argentina has one of the continent's most exciting and cosmopolitan cities, Buenos Aires. It is also known for its delicious steak and its quality wines. Like Argentina, Chile has vast open spaces. The southern portions of both countries are part of the famous region called Patagonia. Brazil, meanwhile, is known for its amazing beaches and lush jungles. Some of the world's best beach destinations are located on the Atlantic coast of this Portuguese-speaking country.

Destination Weddings in Brazil

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The beaches of Rio de Janeiro and the jungles of the Amazon are certainly attractive as tourist destinations, but they might not be the best spots for an intimate destination wedding or elopement. Luckily, Brazil is a massive country. The coastal area has a huge number of beach destinations that are not crowded, but still have a little bit of glamor. One such place is Buzios.

Located a few hours from Rio, this beach town was once a favorite of French movie icon Brigitte Bardot. Buzios has a lot going for it. It has a glamorous vibe, but also boasts a small-town feel. Best of all, there are two dozen different beaches here. Some are known for their surf-able waves, others for their party scene and still others for their secluded sands and warm waters.

The Insolito Boutique Hotel is the perfect example of the kind of destination wedding accommodations that are available in Buzios. Not only are each of the 24 rooms of this luxury hotel uniquely decorated, but Insolito also offers special packages for couples. This makes it perfect for a Brazilian elopement. After an intimate beachside ceremony, you can use the hotel's boat for a floating reception.

Wine Country Weddings in Argentina

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Argentina's underrated wine country, which is located near the city of Mendoza in the foothills of the Andes, is as attractive as any grape-growing region in the Americas. One vineyard venue, the Cavas Wine Lodge, actually specializes in hosting destination weddings. Your special event can have as many as 50 guests. No matter how many people you invite, they can stay at the unique villas at Cavas. These accommodations have plunge pools, private porches and fireplaces. Best of all, the beautiful vineyards and scenic mountains will always be in the background.

Off the Map in Chilean Patagonia

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Chile is one of the most diverse and beautiful countries on earth. If you want a nature-themed wedding, it is probably the perfect choice. There are camping and eco-resort options in Chilean Patagonia, but exclusive lodges are a better option for a wedding vacation. These lodges can be rented out entirely. This means you can have the use of an entire luxury property without having to worry about anyone except yourself and your wedding guests. One of the most accessible of these Chilean homes-away-from-home is the Dos Lagos Lodge.

At Dos Lagos, you can enjoy an all-inclusive package that has everything (including access to skilled professional guides for fishing, mountain climbing and even heli-skiing). Dos Lagos can host up to 28 guests.

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The best thing about South America is that there is a wealth of places that offer privacy and remoteness without forcing you to sacrifice luxury and style. In fact, if you are looking for one-of-a-kind destination wedding locations, this is arguably the best part of the world to start your search.

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Perhaps you like the idea of a wedding in Latin America, but you don't want to head too far south. Panama and Costa Rica are options for a destination wedding in Central America.

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