Honeymoon Ideas: How To Plan a Healthy Honeymoon

For many happy couples, the word ‘honeymoon’ creates visions of sipping a cocktail and lazing about on a remote beach. As alluring as this image is, spending an entire honeymoon in this sedentary state is not as appealing to every couple. With an emerging trend towards more experiential healthy honeymoons, which pursue more meaningful life experiences, Health and Fitness Travel, the leading specialists in wellness holidays worldwide, share why you should make yours a healthy honeymoon.

Whether banishing wedding-planning stress with yoga or exploring on a bike ride, studies reveal that after participating in an activity together, couples report feeling more satisfied in their relationship and more in love with their partner. So, for a healthier start to your marriage; lace up those walking boots, dust-off that tennis racket and get those hearts racing even faster.

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider a healthy honeymoon.

Start Married Life Fit

Jump start your married life together by getting involved with fun and stimulating activities. Improve your fitness, tone your muscles and enjoy each other's company as you play beach volleyball, take a tennis break, practice Pilates, get active with aqua fitness or hike the hilltops. You and your newlywed will feel motivated and inspired as you promote good habits which will help you stick to a healthy lifestyle for long-term wellness.

Enrich Your Body, Mind + Soul

Reconnect with yourself and your loved one after the stressful months leading up to your big day. Experience true peace of mind and deepen your spiritual well-being as you take a deep breath and rest your mind with yoga and meditation. Let your mind, body and soul succumb to ultimate relaxation, and return from paradise feeling closer to your partner, mentally revived and physically rejuvenated. Consider choosing a an inclusive wellness retreat or a destination where yoga and meditation are apart of every day life like Bali or Tulum.

Reconnect With Nature

You’ve splashed out to escape to a far-flung destination, so make the most of it by getting out there and exploring your surroundings. Feel at one with nature and with each other, whether hiking the mountain trails of New Zealand, surfing in Costa Rica, or scuba diving in the Maldives. By truly appreciating Mother Nature's greatest gifts, feel recharged and connected to your natural environment.

Learn A New Skill Together

Healthy honeymoons offer you the perfect environment to learn a new sport or wellness practice in a beautiful destination. Discover a new hobby you can share in married life as you test your balance with stand-up paddle boarding in Hawaii, practice your sun salutation on a yoga honeymoon in Spain, or learn how to meditate in India. Carry on these new beneficial skills back at home and begin your married life as you mean to go on, in health and wellness.

Improve Your Well-Being

Begin your happily-ever-after in optimum well-being on a healthy honeymoon that allows you to rejuvenate with healing spa treatments and healthy nutritious meals. Experience a personalized wellness program to help you reach your individual health goals and leave you feeling like a brand new couple. Dismiss those usual post-holiday regrets as you and your partner return feeling renewed and healthy.

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Immerse Yourselves In A New Culture

Embrace the rich and vibrant culture of your honeymoon destination by exploring local sites and traditions. Hike the romantic hills of Italy to explore the Tuscan wine lands, or cycle around Vietnam to visit the silk workshops. Embark on unforgettable cultural excursions on your healthy honeymoon escape, where you and your loved one can explore the beautiful surrounds and visit cultural hot spots.

Make Your Hearts Beat Faster

Whether white water rafting, zip lining, surfing or even taking to the skies with paragliding, appease your active and adventurous side by doing more than just flopping on a beach all day. Share a rush of adrenaline and bond as you experience your first adventures together as a newlywed couple.

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Take Time To Unwind

In the spa, indulge yourselves in luxurious treatments side-by-side and embrace absolute tranquillity. Enhance your well-being and allow yourselves to succumb to the relaxing touch of a magical massage, holistic treatment or invigorating body scrub.

Something To Suit Every Couple

With the focus on your well-being, the wide selection of activities, treatments and practices available on a healthy honeymoon mean you can find something to suit your individual wishes. They can be as adventurous or relaxing as you like, with as many spa treatments or activities as you desire.

A Honeymoon With A Difference

In recent years, attitudes have changed amongst newlyweds, with more no longer content to laze pool or beachside but wanting to return from their honeymoon feeling healthier, fitter and spiritually richer. Nowadays, many couples have been together for a number of years before getting married and having already done the typical fly & flop holidays, are looking for a honeymoon with a difference.

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