When entertaining the idea of renting out your home, there are definitely many items to consider, such as potential perks (and negatives). We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions from potential homeowners to bring some insight to the estate listing process.

How much can I earn from renting out my home for events?

Our estate rental fees range anywhere from $2,000 to $40,000 per event. Based on the value and features of your specific property and the  client’s guest count and property usage requirements, pricing scales are developed to maximize “book-ability” and profitability for you, the homeowner.

Are there any risks with hosting events at my property?

With hosting an event at your property, there are always risks, however, The Estate Event Group knows exactly what to do to help you protect your property. For properties with a directory listing, our staff can give you specific permitting, curfew, and other restrictions for your area and educate you about property insurance requirements and security deposits for events. For exclusive listings, Estate Weddings and Events takes care of all of this for you. We obtain insurance policies and permits for the events, set and collect security deposits, and make sure that any vendor who works at your property is property licensed and insured. All of the specific requirements we have are present to severely lessen the liabilities and risks involved for our homeowners.

 What is the difference between a directory listing and an exclusive listing (a new feature coming soon)?

Directory listings are on present on our website as resource for potential clients. With your property listed as a directory listing, potential clients will contact you directly and the rest is up to you. With an exclusive listing, The Estate Event Group functions as a full-service property manager for events. We take care of everything else for you, from pre-qualifying potential leads to setting up property tours to clean up following each event. With an exclusive listing, we also provide contracts, full service options for clients, and take care of all permitting and insurance requirements. Our specific knowledge regarding events at private estates ensures that your home will be fully protected with no hassles to the homeowner.