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Anybody who has ever been to Italy knows that feeling that sits in your gut from the moment you the moment you depart. Its that "pinch me, is this real?" feeling. We spent 1 month traveling throughout Italy which included the three big cities; Rome, Florence, and Venice as well as the small Seaside town of Vernazza in Cinque Terre and the Southern Tuscan Town of Pienza with the bulk of our stay in Pienza.

La Bandita Pienza-Countryside

Everywhere in Italy was like a new adventure, so magical. I always ask travelers what is the number one place you would return too and by far the most popular response is Italy. I finally had the chance to learn and live that feeling myself. Because I could go on and on about Italy I thought I would share our two favorite places, or the two places we want to return to...

Vernazza, Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre Vernazza

If we lived in Italy, Cinque Terre would be our weekend getaway spot. One adorable seaside village after the next filled with locals, fisherman, and tourists. The smell of fresh seafood and pesto is a constant aroma and there is an abundance of it all.

Cinque Terre Hike

Cinque Terre

We enjoyed hiking from town to town, sipping espresso, relaxing in the cafes and speaking with the local people. We rented a lovely apartment on the main street in Vernazza, which we had to hike what seemed like thousands of stairs to get to, but it was perfect.

Cinque Terre apartment

We still dream of the amazing pesto and seafood feasts we devoured in Cinque Terre.

Pienza, Tuscany

As Cinque Terre would be our weekend getaway, Pienza would be our place to retire. The most peaceful, scenic space we have ever experienced.

After spending a couple weeks traveling through Italy, Luke and I decided to rent a Fiat from Florence and head on the windy Tuscan road to Pienza.


We arrived at La Fonte, the farmhouse where we were staying and I immediately felt at home. La Fonte is a family run Agritourismo, meaning everything is produced on the farm or produced on local farms. The family that ran the farm checked us into our rooms, cooked and served our dinner at night, and made everything fresh on site.

cheese_display_pienza_James Maher Photography

Pienza is the home of Pecorino Cheese so we couldn’t help but start our visit off with a piece of truffle pecorino and a bottle of the estate wine on our private patio overlooking the vineyard. Absolute heaven. I love that sustainable and organic are not even words, it’s just the way of life.

La Bandita Pienza Italy Tuscany TownhouseWe spent the week strolling through the hill towns of Montalcino, Montepulciano, and Pienza and spent the evenings at the farmhouse watching the sunset and having dinner at the estate with the other guests.

Breakfast was served in a cute little breakfast room. Fresh espresso, baked bread and pastries, those amazing cheeses and eggs fresh from the farm were awaiting us each morning.

La Bandita Pienza Italy Event Venue

The whole experience looking back is so simple but honestly pure joy. I pinned all those pictures on pinterest of the windy road with the cobblestone villa at the top and just dreamed of seeing that in person, and yes it was like a postcard but so much more than that.

So here's to hoping you all take time to not only plan your Honeymoon, but maybe make it a yearly adventure with the one you love.