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My grandma once said, “why do they need to have a wedding if they go on a honeymoon every year already? I couldn’t help but laugh but she was exactly right.

Every year after wedding season, we go on a “honeymoon”.

Honeymoon Destination

We have our bucket lists and every year we pick a new destination to explore. Depending on how we did that year, how many points we have accumulated, and what we are in the mood for, will determine our destination.

When we first started dating we were fresh out of college. We shared many of the same passions and traveling was very high on both of our lists. We were both very passionate about our careers and knew that we wanted to own our own business. We decided to put our careers first and planned to travel later. For a few years we worked really hard to make Estate Weddings and Events a successful business. We lived, breathed and dreamt about EWE, not really leaving any time for us.


Tragically, that same year we lost my brother Jeremy unexpectedly. I couldn’t help but think about how Jeremy would never see the world, how he would never get married, have kids, have grand kids, or that I will never get to see any of those things happen for him. We quickly realized that our plan of work now play later wasn’t really an option anymore. There are no guarantees in planning later. At that moment, we decided we would spend more time on us and more time doing the other things we love.

Honeymoon locations

We made a plan that every year we would spend a month in a new country and see a bit of what the world had to offer. We decided for the first place we would pick the number one location on both of our lists and a number one dream honeymoon for many, The Maldives. From there we have chosen a unique destination ever year. No matter where we are in our lives, we book a flight and go. We have been fortunate to visit Maldives, Dubai, Peru, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Italy, Croatia, London, Ireland, and Scotland in just a few short years.

honeymoon locations 3

Traveling has become an important piece of our life. We enjoy getting to know a new place, a new culture, new food, and a new world so far away from our every day lives. I also believe that our trips so far have made us better in our careers and our relationship. Every place we have been I have taken away so much and added so much value to my life. Traveling has also given us a greater opportunity to incorporate our other passion of travel into our business. Not only do we get to explore beautiful homes and unique venues in California, we now are able to step outside and provide our clients with access to locations all over the world.

Honeymoon locations

Even though we often get to stay in nice hotels and villas, we truly love to travel as the locals do. We don’t really care about museums or site seeing as much as we enjoy absorbing the culture, trying the local hot spots, and taking it all in. Out of our love for travel, beautiful venues and experiencing life, it seems only fair to share those experiences with others.

Ireland & Scotland

On our Journey to see the world and provide one of a kind experiences for our clients we will be sharing stories, tips and guides to planning the ultimate group getaways. Its not just about booking a wedding venue or a place for your corporate retreat, it’s about planning a memorable once in lifetime adventure.

In honor of rolling out the Estate Experiences I thought I would share a few of our experiences with you.

London England

Happy Travels,

Jamie & Luke