Honeymoon locations: Achill Island, Ireland

Germany, Ireland, France, Italy and Greece could almost advertise as honeymoon destinations alone.

These European countries are no strangers to amorous couples looking to get away from the chaos of their weddings, and their families for that matter, for their honeymoons.

However just like a game of telephone, if one couple spends their honeymoon among the ruins of Rome or appreciating the sunsets of Santorini, the masses are bound to follow.

Being engrossed in the planning of my own wedding at the moment, I can see why many couples look forward to their wedding concluding and their honeymoon beginning.

A honeymoon offers the chance to get away from the details of engraved napkins and different shades of salmon.

You need to select a honeymoon location that eliminates all worries and stresses which is usually found poetically on islands.

However many honeymoon destinations are predictable and mainstream, especially in the European circuit.

If you and your partner want to begin your lives and travels together thinking a bit outside the box, you might want to plan your honeymoon to a secret island  for your own offbeat  hideaway.

From the shores of the Baltic Sea to the sands of the Mediterranean, a number of predictable honeymoon countries offer tiny islands that the world has forgotten or never even knew.

They might be in countries that you know, but these European island hideaways allow honeymooners to disconnect, even from fellow honeymooners.

Hiddensee Island, Germany

Honeymoon destinations: Hiddensee Island, Germany

Photo By Martin Terber

A couple takes a seat in a strandkorb built for two.

The beach basket type chair blocks out the winds of the sea and keeps honeymooners close, as it should be.

And yet these couples sharing a wicker half-shell chair built for two are not in the Caribbean but rather Germany.

Island paradise and Germany aren’t often found in the same sentence.

However, Germany surprises with countless islands.

Honeymooners in search of seclusion and quiet will appreciate Hiddensee in the Baltic Sea.

Known by locals as “sweet little isle”, the island stretches just 19 square kilometers, making for pint sized honeymoon perfection.

Couples truly get away from the world as you can only travel by foot, bike or horse carriage on the island.

Without the noise of engines, you can appreciate Hiddensee’s undisturbed beachfront of white sand.

In addition, the island is a natural wonder as part of the Boddenlandschaft National Park.

It boasts lovely pine forests and a rich bird life among its rocky cliffs.

Hiddensee Island tugs at the heart strings of honeymooners with its meditative tranquility, a serenity that has attracted authors, poets and novelists to its shores.

Unspoiled nature and complete peace bode well not just for creative types but also for the couple just off of the whirlwind of a wedding.

And while you might not be toasting those classic honeymoon margaritas, you can imbibe in the local drink of the island, sea buckthorn schnapps.

Hiddensee grows sea buckthorn, a bushy scrub with orange berries that they somehow managed to make drinkable in schnapps form.

Lampedusa, Italy

Honeymoon hideaways: Lampedusa, Italy

Photo By passer8

Closer to Africa than any piece of Italy’s boot, the island of Lampedusa makes for an offbeat Italian honeymoon destination.

While lovers converge in Rome, Venice and Florence for their honeymoons, you will be truly away from a standard Italy experience in Lampedusa.

Italy’s southernmost island is in fact closer to Tunisia than Sicily.

The outdoorsy couple will appreciate this slice of Italian paradise for a large portion of the island is a protected nature reserve.

La Riserva Naturale litters in wooded areas and sandy coves, proving ideal for walks and hikes.

When you aren’t spending time combing the interior of the island, adventurous couples can take to the water.

Lampedusa has established a scuba diving reputation due to its crystal clear waters.

And for the truly rare honeymoon activity, couples who come to Lampedusa in July and August have the chance to see loggerhead sea turtles lay their eggs on Spiaggia dei Conigli, otherwise known as Rabbit’s Beach.

The setting is one of the few places in the Mediterranean where you can see such a phenomenon.

Even if you can’t make it for the occasion, Spiaggia dei Conigli is worth seeking out while on Lampedusa' shores.

The best-known spot on the island can only be reached by boat or during low tide.

The cove of rocky coastline and emerald waters could not be more honeymoon picture perfect.

Honeymooners looking to avoid the crowds can hire a boat or car and seek out Lampedusa’s lesser-known stretches of beach.

Achill Island, Ireland

Honeymoon locations: Achill Island, Ireland

Photo By IrishFireside

For sun seekers and beachcombers, Ireland doesn’t usually serve as one of the best places to get a tan.

However this island nation is home to its own private island with a wealth of sandy beaches.

Achill Island floats only a short distance away from the mainland of Ireland.

Set up on the west coast of the country in County Mayo, a tiny road bridge from the Currane Peninsula connects Achill will the rest of the world.

While Ireland’s largest island, Achill provides that disconnection that every honeymooner requires without the headache of getting there.

Achill Island romanticizes couples with its very setting.

Couples should rent a car and make the narrow and at times nail biting drive around the island, known as Atlantic Drive.

Battling through the nerves will be worth it in the end to see dramatic overlooks of unbelievable greenery and pounding surf.

Hordes of sheep will often be your only company.

Achill is not all about the eye candy, but it also boasts a rich history and heritage.

Road signs spell out in the Irish language.

Megalithic tombs, forts, ruined watchtowers and medieval ghost towns litter the scene.

The island’s ending point produces a truly romantic setting.

Keem Beach perches on the tip of the island to the west.

The horseshoe shaped bay with more Caribbean inspired  waters causes couples to wonder just where they have landed.

In fact, Achill Island houses five Blue Flag beaches, perfect for sunbathing in the summer or wind-assisted activities like hang-gliding and windsurfing.

Couples should merely let the breeze of the Atlantic Ocean carry them to this off the beaten track island destination.

Simi, Greece

Honeymoon spots: Simi, Greece

Photo By ctsnow

The Greek island honeymoon usually boils down to a visit to one of its most popular 227 inhabited islands.

And while Santorini, Corfu and Mykonos are beautiful in their own right, the couple in search of an offbeat Greek island should head to the Dodecanese chain, specifically to the rugged and tiny Simi.

While just shy of the popular island of Rhodes, Simi is away from the tourist track in the southeastern Aegean.

The couple in search of a little cosmopolitan flair will find it on Simi.

When you arrive dramatically by boat, you will first notice the island’s rainbow of pastel colored neoclassical mansions.

Due to Simi’s rich tradition of shipbuilding and trading, its wealth is apparent from the wealth of grand mansions and churches.

Posing for photographs in this setting looks more like an untouched Greece than some of the other islands.

Simi’s appearance remains largely untouched by modern eyes, as an archaeological decree mandates buildings must maintain their historic grandeur.

Couples should also visit the remote and romantic Panormitis Monastery on Simi, dedicated to Saint Michael.

The couple looking to truly sizzle on their honeymoon will find the heat in Simi.

In fact, the island is one of the hottest places in Greece during the summertime.

Ile de Ré, France


Best honeymoon places: Ile de Ré, France

Photo By paularps

Connected to the French mainland by a bridge, Ile de Ré is what French island life should be.

Just 33 square miles, the small island sits just off of the coast of France, bathing in the Atlantic Ocean.

While most honeymooners envision a French honeymoon of scouring through mainland vineyards or soaking up the love of Paris, this honeymoon lends just enough isolation for those that still crave activity on their honeymoon.

Ile de Ré largely follows a slow and relaxed pace to life due to its main mode of transport.

Most go around the island by bike for over 60 miles of paved bike paths cover Ile de Ré.

You and your soul mate can pedal through sunflower fields and salt marshes or head down to the local baker for a baguette.

The scene is laughably French and yet merely how things are done on Ile de Ré.

Here you can have your cake and eat it too.

Couples looking to get away from it all can in places like Les Porte, the furthest village from the bridge connecting the island to France.

Wide, sandy beaches aren’t hard to come by on the island.

Then again, honeymooners that still enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life will find slices of the urban on Ile de Ré in resort corners like Saint Martin.

The historic port is just the sort of place one would want to park their yacht and stay awhile.

Throw in that Ile de Ré appreciates the same amount of sunshine as the south of France and this French island seems like a secret worth sharing.

Have another secret European island to share for the perfect honeymoon hideaway? Share your secret with us below!