Honeymoon Travel Tips: Research Your Airplane Type for Added Comfort and Amenities

Just over a week ago, my fiancé and I decided to take the plunge and book our honeymoon flight.

Considering that this purchase would have us crossing oceans, continents and seas, I knew that it wasn’t going to be easy.

On top of wedding planning and all of the stress that goes with it, the last aspect that you want to worry about is booking your honeymoon flight.

All of the other details of the honeymoon will fall into place, but the flight is crucial.

If you book a bad route, you could wind up in an unanticipated layover in a locale that says business meeting rather than honeymoon.

To ensure that flight is the most heavenly for a newly married couple, you will want to consider several elements before you click that purchase button.

Ready....lets jump in!

Limit Connections and Stops

Honeymoon Travel Tips: Limit Connections and Stops

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For my honeymoon flight, the search results showed flight routes with stops in what seemed like every airport on the planet.

Getting to a Greek island is not the easiest feat to achieve all the way from Denver, Colorado.

Some flights featured up to five different stops just to get to Athens.

Considering that I fly a lot for work, I know just how exhausting these connections and stops can be.

The last thing that a newly married couple needs is a route littered with connections.

De-clutter your flight stops.

Your flight map should be uncomplicated and as simple as it can be.

It might cost you an extra $100, but you will arrive to your honeymoon less rundown.

Sometimes the cheapest flight is not a route that anyone would want to take.

For couples traveling to international destinations on long haul flights, a route with several connections can spell disaster.

If there is the slightest of delays, the entire trip can be thrown out of sync.

After the sheer exhaustion of the wedding, the last thing you should be worried about is just how many stops you will have to take.

Couples should select a relaxing route and eliminate unnecessary stops if there are direct flight options.

Avoid Those Too Tight Connections

Honeymoon Tips: Avoid Those Too Tight Connections

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Any article of clothing that is too tight merely doesn’t work.

The same can be said for the honeymoon flight with connections that are simply too tight.

For my honeymoon flight, I knew that I would have to make a few stops.

Those few connecting flights that I have to make are spaced out with at least 2 hours in between flights.

You need to leave enough time for some sort of delay or any hiccups in the road.

If you are a bit of a daredevil and don’t mind a tight connection, your honeymoon is not the time to miss a flight.

If you miss a connection, you cannot get back those precious hours and days of your honeymoon.

A missed connection can also leave you in an airport that you didn’t foresee spending your honeymoon.

To top it off, you might be without your luggage if you missed the last flight of the day due to a tight connection.

Tight connections translate into stressful scenarios and mad dashes through the airport (you don't want to feel like you are on the Amazing Race).

They can also result in the possibility of having your first fight as a married couple over the stresses of missed connections.

Research Your Airplane Type for Added Comfort and Amenities

Honeymoon Travel Tips: Research Your Airplane Type for Added Comfort and Amenities

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You need to kick off your honeymoon flight as comfortable as possible.

While you might not be able to swing a seat in first class, you can increase your comfort level and flight amenities by doing a bit of research on the type of airplane.

Before you book your flight, you should do some digging around about the aircraft.

A little research will tell you how updated the plane may be and what amenities you will have.

For example, sites like Seat Guru allow you to search for the aircraft that you are considering flying.

It will tell you about audio, video, AC Power and food options on board.

You can also browse actual photographs of the plane from previous passengers to see how roomy it may be.

This research might sound a bit extensive, but it will be worth it for the honeymoon flight booking process.

If you are choosing between different airlines and routes, keep in mind that they might be different aircrafts with different features.

Some might have personalized entertainment screens while others will have those projector screens that induce a few neck cricks.

You can often maximize your comfort level on board in terms of amenities by merely going with the aircraft that gives you more for your money.


Select Your Seats with Assistance

Travel Tips: Select Your Seats with Assistance

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Those same sites that can tell you about your aircraft amenities will also be useful when selecting a seat for your honeymoon flight.

Seat Guru also points out which seat is the best choice.

The site steers you away from those bad seats, ones with limited recline, near bathrooms or with giant metal boxes obstructing the legroom.

All of this information will help with your seat selection so that you don’t end up in a miserable place for a 10-hour flight.

In my case, the airline didn’t give seat assignments for our honeymoon flight.

If you are afraid that the airline might separate you from your new bride or groom, it is worth it to call the airline to see if they will give you a seat.

Depending on who picks up the phone on the other end, they might feel for you on your honeymoon and make certain that you are sitting together.

This is also beneficial for those couples leaving the day after their wedding.

In the confusion of the wedding, you probably aren’t thinking about checking in for your flight the next day.

If you don’t have a seat assignment and you don’t check in before coming to the airport, your options might be limited in terms of seating.

In a day and age of doing next to everything online, sometimes the best way to get what you need is to just pick up the phone and speak to a real person.

Set Up Flight Alerts if You Are Uncertain About Price Fluctuation

Honeymoon Travel Advice: Set Up Flight Alerts if You Are Uncertain About Price Fluctuation

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Booking your honeymoon flight can be a guessing game for the couple on a budget.

The price of the ticket might be high so you gamble and wait.

It only goes up and up to the point where it is now out of reach.

You should have the honeymoon of your dreams and not compromise due to the airfare.

Once you find the flight that you want or the destination that you want, it is a good idea to set up a few airfare alerts on various travel search engines.

Some of these sites will even tell you if you should book now or wait depending on price reports and history.

Fare alerts are one of the best ways to save on your flight.

The minute that you are alerted that your  airfare is within reach, you can book it.

In the chaos of the wedding, you aren’t going to have the time to track the price fluctuation for your honeymoon flight.

You might as well have someone do that for you in order to score the best deal.

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