The New Year has just begun and is bringing a wide variety of exciting new wedding themes and trends along with it. If you're in the early stages of planning your upcoming nuptials, you're probably curious about what's hot in wedding trends this year. As always, private estate wedding locations and villa rental locations are popular choices. Beyond wedding venues, however, there are many other exciting trends. Check below to learn about a few of the best ones.

Playful Themes

Playful wedding themes started picking up steam in 2011, and the trend will intensify in 2012. These types of weddings have whimsical ambiances, so they are perfect for couples who prefer less formal affairs. From pirate-themed weddings to ceremonies in offbeat locations, playful themes will be all the rage this year.

DIY: Personalized Weddings

By default, every wedding is personal. In the past, however, the majority of the decorations and party favors were purchased from wedding supply companies. Due in part to the economy, many couples are creating their own wedding favors and decorations. This helps to keep costs down, and it has the added bonus of producing a more personalized look and feel. If you are crafty by nature, this is one wedding trend that you'll want to explore.

Mismatched Dresses and Decor

In an effort to create more organic and natural ceremonies, many brides and grooms are opting for dresses and decor that encompass different aesthetics and textures. To keep things from looking too disjointed, a single color palate is used to unite the decor elements. The end result is a purposefully mismatched look that puts a chic, modern edge on any wedding day. This trend is easy to incorporate and can help keep costs low too.

Green Weddings

Eco-friendly weddings are more popular than ever. People opt for green weddings to help protect the environment and to save money. There are many ways to go about planning a green wedding. You can incorporate as many green touches into your big day as you'd like, so this theme is easy to customize.

No matter what type of theme you choose for your wedding, you should take care to select a phenomenal wedding venue. From New York weddings to California weddings, there are amazing venues available just about everywhere. You can use the preceding themes at just about any venue too, so jump-start your wedding plans by finding the perfect location now!

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