How To Address Save The Dates: The Etiquette Guide

The first bridal checklist consists of snagging a groom, a ring and a wedding date.

Once you have all three, you can begin figuring out your save the dates.

A save the date is often the first form of communication between the wedding guests and the happy couple.

It reveals that the couple has decided to get married and announce their special day.

Just a few weeks ago, I narrowed down my own save the date options and picked a winner.

The save the dates arrived and I quickly realized that I forgot a very important element, the location of the wedding.

The save the date problems quickly multiplied when it came time to address the cards.

I tussled with my mom over the proper etiquette for addressing all of those guests, bordering on formal and informal ideals.

Now that I have made my save the date mistakes and missteps, I realize just how important it is to have a save the date guide on hand to answer all of your questions about this key pre-invitation.

What Information Goes on the Save The Date?

What Information Goes on the Save The Date?

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Save the date content doesn’t tend to vary.

You need to include just a few key elements, but they are all important snippets of information.

The save the date should include your names, the fact that you are tying the knot, the date and the city where your wedding will take place.

It is also necessary to include the text, “formal invitation to follow” so that guests don’t think this little piece of mail is the formal invitation.

Some brides decide to add their wedding website on to the save the date.

This is a more acceptable way to point guests in the direction of where you are registered and what accommodations they can stay at for the wedding.

Save the date etiquette mandates that you never place your registry information on the announcement or the invitation.

What Theme is Appropriate?

Photo by toanvnguyen

Photo by toanvnguyen

There are some in the wedding industry with the opinion that your save the dates should match your invitations and your wedding theme.

However, the save the date is meant to be more fun and creative.

As it is the first impression that guests will receive of your wedding, you want that precious piece of paper to lend a good impression.

There are all sorts of fun ways to announce that you are getting married, from using a physical item like a pencil to just your basic postcard.

Your theme is really up to you.

Your save the dates don’t have to match your invitation or your wedding for that matter.

It can merely be a fun way to express that you are getting married.

At the same time, you can make your save the dates more formal if you want to match the formality of your future wedding.

What Type of Save The Date Should I Choose?

What Type of Save The Date Should I Choose?

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Along the same lines as the theme of the save the date, this piece of information can be featured on a number of different mediums.

You can use one of your engagement photographs to created a save the date photo card.

You could leave out the photo of yourself and your groom and merely go with a save the date card.

Some couples want to stick to refrigerators across the country by making their save the date a magnet.

There is really no wrong or right type of save the date.

You merely need to go with the card that fits your personality and wedding.

Who Do You Send a Save The Date?

Photo by emily katherine may

Photo by emily katherine may

If you are a somewhat naïve bride like myself, you probably assume that the save the date goes out to all of those people that you want to invite.

However, this is only partially true.

The save the date guest list can be the most complicated to figure out.

You have to decide if a single person that you are inviting can bring a guest or not.

If you want them to invite a guest, you must address the save the date with the person’s name and the text “and guest."

This is also the moment when you will need to find out the actual names of those friends that you only know by their nicknames.

You need to get the spellings right in order to avoid offending any parties.

You might not think it is imperative to send your parents a save the date or even your bridal party, but all of your guests should receive one.

Everyone should feel like they are valued and important guests.

I recently experienced bad save the date wedding invite etiquette.

My fiancé received a save the date addressed to him for a family wedding.

My name was not listed on the save the date.

To avoid any sort of confusion, long time girlfriends, boyfriends and fiancés should be sent a save the date or at least addressed on the envelope.

How Should I Address a Save The Date?

How Should I Address a Save The Date?

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This question haunted me this week as I addressed my save the dates.

Brides might clash with their mothers over the issue of addressing these first glimmers of a wedding on the horizon.

The save the date is all about being fun and creative.

Rational thinking might suggest that you can address your save the dates with a little less formality.

Addressing save the dates merely boils down to whether you want to go formal, informal or a mix of both.

I decided to address my save the dates with a careful mix of both formal and informal.

For close friends, I addressed the save the date by their actual name.

For older guests like my grandmother, I addressed those save the dates with formal titles of Mr. and Mrs.

While not every bride has to go this route, you might find that older generations prefer the formality of the title while younger generations don't mind being addressed by their first name.

Children can also be called into question with the save the dates.

For whole families, brides can wonder if they need to write out all of their names.

If you are inviting the children of the parents too, you can merely address the save the date to the family.

If you are just inviting the parents, you should only include their names.

How Do You Fix Mistakes and Mishaps with Save the Dates?

How Do You Fix Mistakes and Mishaps with Save the Dates?

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After reading up on save the date etiquette, you may have found out that you are violating several of the rules.

For example, I forgot to include the destination of my wedding on my save the date.

Rather than having to spend money to reprint my save the date postcards, I created a rubber stamp online with my wedding location.

It blended into the postcard and almost looked like a postal stamp that you often see on letters and postcards.

In terms of a moral to my story about save the date mistakes, you can usually amend those errors.

If you forget one of the key pieces of information, come up with a fun and personal way to add that feature to the save the date.

If you begin addressing your save the dates informally, you can always change those few addresses for the older crowd with more formal titles.

 Your Turn...

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