4 Aspects to Keep in Mind When Choosing Your Perfect Destination Wedding Dress by Estate Weddings and Events

For many brides, one of the best parts of planning a wedding is choosing their dress. The thrill of going into a bridal store and knowing you might find "the one" is irreplaceable.

But when you're shopping for your destination wedding dress, you have to pay a bit more attention to what you're falling in love with.

Not all gowns are cut out for destination weddings, which is why you're so used to seeing the light, flowing beach dresses touted as the "best" destination wedding choices.

However, with some careful planning and proper knowledge, you can easily choose many other types of dresses for your special day.

When shopping for your destination wedding dress, keep these key aspects in mind:

Location and Weather

By now, you've most likely picked where your wedding's going to take place. If you haven't, that's actually a step you need to take before you purchase any gown.

Location and weather will greatly affect your choice of a destination wedding dress. Certain fabrics, styles, and accents will withstand the environment on your wedding day better than other types.

If you're having a beach wedding, for example, there's no reason to be wearing a full skirt that will only get heavier the more sand and water blows onto it. In fact, it may not be worth wearing a long dress at all in this situation.

On the flipside, if you're having a cozy, small celebration during the winter at a beautiful castle, you'd be crazy to wear a barely-lined, short dress. Instead, you'll be looking at wedding dresses fit for winter that have heavier fabrics to keep you warm or the option of an added jacket, shrug, or bolero.

See how important location and weather are?

Destination Wedding Dress Tips: Location and Weather

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It's always interesting to attend a vintage barn wedding only to discover the bride walking down the aisle in a big, poofy ballgown fit more for a regal-style wedding.

Don't make the same mistake with your destination wedding dress. Instead, make sure when you're looking for your gown, you keep your wedding theme in mind.

Are you having the beach destination wedding with a casual atmosphere? Or are you heading up to the mountains for a more ethereal, woods-y setting?

Matching your wedding dress style to your theme isn't 100% necessary, but it definitely makes a big impact on your guests (and makes you feel great) when your dress enhances the mood and style of your big day.

Destination Wedding Dress Tips: Theme

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No two brides are alike, so it's important to consider your specific body type when looking for a destination wedding dress.

You may love the way that blush dress fits the model in the magazine, but the way it lays across your stomach may not be the same as it does hers. And you may be a big fan of A-line dresses but are more suited to a sheath style that makes you look taller and thinner.

Try on several different types of dresses and learn which styles are best for your body type before you dedicate yourself to any particular one.

You'll feel more like yourself and more bride-like than you would if you insisted on a dress that didn't flatter your figure.

Destination Wedding Dress Tips: The Fit

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Normally, brides are able to take their dresses to their wedding ceremony location in the car with little hassles or wrinkles as a result.

But that all changes with a destination wedding when you're not anywhere near your wedding location. As such, you need to consider how you're going to transport your gown.

If your location is close enough that you're going to be able to drive, you won't have to worry as much as you might if you're flying. Flying requires an extra bit of care.

One easy way to make sure your dress is in tip-top shape when you arrive at your wedding location is to carry it on the plane; you may need to pay extra because it could be considered over-sized, but the price is worth it to ensure your destination wedding dress isn't harmed. And many airlines would be happy to store your dress in first class.

Your best bet is to pick a dress that's easily fixed up and steamed should it get any wrinkles or damage, and to pack an emergency kit for last-minute issues.

Destination Wedding Dress Tips: Transportation

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Your Turn...

Choosing a destination wedding dress can be an exciting time in your wedding planning. Just keep these key aspects in mind so you can avoid stress later on and so you can walk down the aisle as radiant and beautiful as a destination bride should be.

In your destination wedding dress search, were there any types of dresses you loved but had to eliminate because of one of these reasons? What did you do instead?