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With so many safari camps out there, how do you choose? After experiencing a handful of safari camps, there are a few things to consider and questions you should ask.


The Safari Experience

Is the lodge in an area that has a high density of animals?

How experienced are the guides? Having an experienced guide and tracker can make or break your experience.

Are you getting a guide and tracker or just a guide? A tracker is crucial for having a really successful game drive.

How many people will be on safari with you?

A land rover that holds 4 people vs one that holds 10 will give you two very different experiences.

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The Dining Experience

How many meals are offered throughout the day?

Do you have communal dining or individual dining?

If ordering from a menu, are there options or one option for each meal?

What labels are included with the wine and spirits?

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Getting There

People often do not consider the additional transportation required to actually get to safari camps. Sometimes 2-3 commuter flights are required to get to a safari camp, which will not only cost you more money, but also will take up an entire day of travel time to get there.



Additional activities

Between safari outings, you have roughly 6 hours to spend enjoying other activities in the bush. What else is included?

Is there a day spa?

Is there a gym?

Do they offer walking safari’s?

Elephant safaris?

Volunteer opportunities?

Is there a pool?

Gym at singita

Celebrations - What are you celebrating?

Safari honeymoon south africa

For honeymooners - Do they offer any honeymoon perks like private dinners, a private safari for 2,  or complimentary champagne upon arrival??

It's not always easy to decide, especially when they all look wonderful online. Ask questions and determine your decision based on your needs and not on price.

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