9 Tips for Creating The Best Wedding Album

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When the wedding dust settles and your photographer at last sends your prized images, newlyweds have more wedding work to do. Creating your wedding album is a time intensive endeavor. And as this book of images will be viewed throughout a lifetime together, you want to get it right the first time. Assembling your wedding album does come with its own set of challenges. In order to make the process easier, here is a foolproof guide to creating the perfect wedding album.

 1. Make It An Event

When you sit down to select the images for your wedding album, other areas of your life should not distract you. Couples need to find a time that works for both parties, a day or night when you aren’t stressed with work or too tired from the events of the day. Selecting the images that will go in your wedding album should be an event for the couple. Make the evening special by turning off all distractions such as cell phones and the television. 

2.  Scale Back Your Options

Scale Back Your Options

Photo from Arina B. Photography

When I first received my wedding photographs, there were nearly one thousand images to view. Some of these photographs featured closed eyes and unflattering angles. If you have a tough time choosing what photographs should go in your album in the first place, you need to scale back your options. Eliminate any photographs you can’t stand or merely don’t want. Photographers will often give you everything they have so you have a wealth to choose from for your album. However, this can be overwhelming for the couple. When you first sit down to create your wedding album, begin by scaling back the amount of photographs you will choose from to create the album.

3. Tell a Story

Tell a Story

Photograph from Green Wedding Shoes by Heidi of Our Labor of Love

With all of the images to choose from, it can be difficult to keep all of the events of your wedding in chronological order. On the other hand, the best wedding albums tell a story. Images of the reception before the ceremony can look like a jumbled album. You want your images to tell the tale of your special day, building up to each big moment. While some photographers will suggest stepping outside chronological order, overall, the wedding album should carry the viewer through the wedding as the events unfolded. Couples should at least place ceremony shots before reception photographs, even if the images are a bit out of order.

4. Always Include The Photos You Love Even If They Aren’t Traditional Shots

Some couples can get bogged down with their wedding albums by only selecting the images they must have, not necessarily the images they love. One of my favorite shots from my wedding was far from the traditional image. It wouldn’t be on a checklist of what wedding photographs to include. Rather it was a simple moment. Couples should think of composing their album with the classic moments but also the emotional ones, even if they aren’t necessarily the traditional, everyone-has-this-shot-of-their-wedding image. You want your wedding album to be unique, not just a stock photo album of a generic wedding.

5. Balance the Black and White and Colorful Images

Balance the Black and White and Colorful Images

Photo from Anna Kim Photography on June Bug Weddings

As it was with my wedding photographs, my photographer liked to toss in quite a few black and white images. While these are always very artistic and moving, you don’t want an entire album of black and white photographs. When you are 80, you want to be able to see what color your crazy Aunt Rita was wearing. As you select photographs for your wedding album, be sure to have a nice balance of black and white photographs along with colorful images.

6. Don’t Forget The Classic and Key Moments

Don’t Forget The Classic and Key Moments

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While it sounds like pretty simple advice, many couples go through their wedding photographs, selecting their favorites. In the process you may have missed major moments that tend to go in every album. You need to think about a wedding by its classic moments. The walk down the aisle, the kiss, the cake cutting and the first dance should all be represented in some form in your album. Also, newlyweds shouldn’t fill their album with images with loads of effects. The images that will withstand the test of time will be those that are classic, not those loaded with of-the-moment photographer effects.

7. Avoid Cramming Too Many Images in One Page

Avoid Cramming Too Many Images in One Page

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If you try to cram in all of the photographs you want, you could end up placing too many images on one page that they eye doesn’t know where to go when you view your album. You won’t notice the details of each image. In general, an album where one image fills up the page tends to look better than those that are disjointed with several images on one page.

8. More Pages or a Second Album Book Might Be Necessary

Some photographers will include in your wedding rate an album with a certain amount of pages for images. Couples often try to fit into this number, limiting their album in the process. If you had a particularly long wedding weekend or wedding day, you might not fit into the standard number of album pages. Couples who want to include a few more should even if they must pay a bit more. Your extra money spent will be worth it to not limit your album in the process.

9. Don’t Put It Off But Also Avoid Creating Your Album Immediately Post Wedding

Don’t Put It Off But Also Avoid Creating Your Album Immediately Post Wedding

Photograph by Blue Window Creative on June Bug Weddings

Couples have to find a careful balance of when to compose their wedding album. Some put it off for several years. Others decide on their album once they get their images from their photographer. While couples shouldn’t delay doing their album for years, you also want time to truly think about all of your photographs. You should go through them several times before even considering what will go in an album. After taking a little bit of time, you might grow to love certain images you didn’t notice immediately after the wedding. At the same time, you still want to be in the wedding world when creating your album. Waiting several years will only fill your album creation time with distractions.

Your Turn…

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