How to Ensure Your Corporate Event Goes Off Without a HitchIf you're in charge of planning your company's corporate event then you're going to want to ensure it's a success.

A great event will not only make your company shine, it can also lead to amazing things for you too.

Don't let your corporate event become another horror story...

Plan Way Ahead 

Okay so your colleagues may think you're crazy when you start planning the Christmas holiday party in June when you're only half way through the year, but if you want your event to be stress free then staying on top of the planning preparations is an absolute must.

Depending on what you have envisioned for your event, you may not be able to secure everything you need at the last minute. It goes without saying that the most desired venues, caterers and especially entertainment options usually have a long waiting list, which is why forward planning is the only way to go if you want to avoid disappointment.

Plan Way Ahead

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Choose A Stellar Venue

Your venue should reflect how much you value your guests, and there is no better way of showing them how important they are by treating them to something a little special. A luxury venue does the hard work for you by providing a gorgeous backdrop and giving your event an instant injection of glamour.

Forget about spending sleepless nights worrying about whether everyone on the guest list will show up or if people will like the entertainment you've booked, if all else fails you'll always have your incredible venue to fall back on.

Some of our most popular venues for corporate events and holiday parties include:

– Rooftop Gardens, Los Angeles

– Bali Gardens Estate, Rancho Santa Fe

– Villa Costa, San Diego

– Valentino Estate, Rancho Santa Fe

– Caballo Estate, Los Altos Hills

– Constantine Estate, Camarillo

– Cairo Estate, San Juan Capistrano

Choose A Stellar Venue


When choosing your location never underestimate parking. It may not sound like one of the most important elements to consider when you've also got the food and entertainment to contend with, but can you even begin to imagine the mayhem that will ensue if 200 guests have no where to park!?

There are a few things to evaluate when it comes to parking:

– Does your chosen venue offer parking and if so can they accommodate the size of your guest list?

– If not then how far is the nearest parking lot located from the closest entrance?

– Will attendees have to pay for parking?

– Is the parking lot and surrounding area safe for guests and their vehicles?


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Dinner Service

Catering for a large number of people is by far and wide one of the most stressful aspects of event planning. First of all you need to have a clear and smooth transition that will get everyone seated and ready to be served. Then it's all about getting the food to the table in a timely fashion.

Experienced caterers should have all this under wraps, but just to be sure double check with them how everything is going to operate and how long they estimate it will take. When serving a few hundred people, there is no getting away from the fact that someone will be served last but a well devised plan will certainly keep the discrepancy time to a minimum.

Dinner Service

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Regulating Room Temperature

You'll never be able to please everyone so don't fret about the odd person making remarks about the room being "too hot" or "too cold". The most important thing is to regulate the heat at a temperature that will be comfortable. There is nothing worse than sitting down to enjoy a decadent meal whilst pouring with sweat, or vice versa having everyone reaching for their jackets.

Luckily most modern venues have digital thermostats that you can set at whatever temperature range you please. The only downside is that larger rooms take a considerably longer time to react to adjustments. Stay on the safe side and set the thermostat a few degrees cooler than your desired temperature, and hope that all the extra body heat makes up for the rest!

Regulating Room Temperature

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Spotless Bathrooms

Nobody likes a dirty bathroom, but when you have waves of people descending on the facilities in short bursts, a lapse in quality control is almost unavoidable. The key to eliminating this problem and keeping your bathrooms looking spotless is prevention.

Find out who is in control of the janitorial duties and give them an overview of your event's itinerary so they are well aware of when they need to inspect the facilities. For an extra touch you could even dress up the room a little or offer a perfume station for your guests to freshen up.

Spotless Bathrooms

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Final thoughts...

Don't be afraid to ask others for their opinions on the big decisions and share the workload if you're feeling overwhelmed. The most important thing when planning your corporate event is not to get burnt out stressing over the "what ifs..." If you follow these simple guidelines your a event is guaranteed to be a hit!