Creative Wedding Proposals

Engagement season is upon us, as a majority of proposals happen around the winter holidays like Christmas, New Year's Eve/Day, and Valentine's Day.

If the two of you have been talking about getting married a lot recently, then he or she may be a bit suspicious of any garish actions that take place during this time.

To ensure absolute secrecy and that all goes according to plan, take these precautions...

1. Stick to your routine as much as possible.

Wedding Proposal Ideas

If you always get home exactly at 5:30pm everyday after work, and you start arriving home late, your partner may get suspicious that you're up to something.

Go ring shopping during your lunch break or at a time she is expecting you to be somewhere, or when you know she will be gone for the day.

If she catches you, the gig may be up!

2. Don't tell anyone about the proposal that doesn't absolutely need to be involved.

You may need a friend of hers to find out the important details like her ring size and style she desires.

Or you my may want to have a friend photograph the moment.

Whatever the case, keep this circle of knowledge as small as possible and only tell them the bits and pieces they must know.

The person helping you ring shop doesn't need to know when and where the proposal is taking place, only that you are shopping around for the perfect ring.

Wedding Engagement Ideas

As much as you trust your friends to keep a secret, a secret this big may be hard to keep!

Even if they don't tell the bride, the secret may start making it through your friend circle and she may get suspicious of why everyone is acting differently around her.

Best way to keep it a secret is to tell no one at all!

3.  Hide the ring with someone you trust, and don't leave any evidence behind!

While it would be nice to believe that everyone respects each other's privacy and space, if your bride-to-be thinks something may be happening, she may go to extra lengths to find out what it is!

Don't leave any evidence open on your computer or phone that she may come across, linking you to the proposal!

Hide any receipts, bank statements, or paper trail that will lead to the ring!

If you share a computer, online ads may start appearing for engagement rings if you've been searching online, so be sure to clear your cache/cookies on your web browser.

Unique Proposal Ideas

If you've hidden the ring in a home you share or that she spends a lot of time at, she may come across the ring fairly easily.

Give the ring to someone that you trust to hold onto it safely and if you have any props or accessories that go along with your proposal, be sure to leave those with the same person.

4.  Propose somewhere that isn't too out of the ordinary.

If you're planning the proposal somewhere that you don't normally frequent, then there is a possibility that she might catch on.

I'm not saying a trip abroad doesn't warrant a proposal, but I can tell you that any time a friend of mine in a serious relationship heads overseas on a whirlwind vacation, I just know that the odds are high that they will be returning home engaged.

Sure enough, I've been right a majority of the time.

If I can feel it coming, your other half probably can too!

Creative Wedding Proposals

Stick with a spot that you both love, or that feels comfortable to you.

Whether that be at home, the beach, your favorite park, or restaurant, make sure it is someplace that you can tell her you are going, without her thinking too much of it.

Once you're there, you can be as over the top as you want, but getting there should be as low key as possible.

5.  Spread out your plans and proposal.

Proposal Engagement Tips

If you've bought the ring and planned the perfect proposal, you don't necessarily have to pop the question the very next day.

If you feel like she is on to your secret, and you're good at playing it cool, wait a month...or two...or three, until the perfect timing presents itself.

She may have thought she knew it was happening at first when you starting to plot your moves, but if you are able to hold onto your sanity and keep it under wraps, wait for a time she absolutely isn't expecting it!

 Your Turn...

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