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For most vacationers, it is enough to simply be near the ocean or the beach. But for some people, it is important to actually have a view of the water from the place where they are staying. The hotel and resort industry is well aware of the premium that people put on having a great view. Most seaside resorts charge much more for ocean-facing rooms that for accommodations that do not overlook the sand and water.

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The best resorts, vacation villas and rental condos do not play this kind of game. They give every guest what they want because the property is designed so that each room overlooks the water. Not only can guests see sunrises and sunsets from their windows, but from outside their room (on a private balcony or terrace or even from a private plunge pool).

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Most major beach destinations have a few resorts like this, but it is the private vacation rental venues that give you the best view-the-water experiences. These places are designed to give you great views not just from a single window, but from different vantage points all around the property. Better yet, there is a great deal of privacy at these venues. You will not have to share a terrace or pool deck with other guests - you will have your very own outdoor spaces from which to enjoy the panoramas.

Here are five vacation venues that earn the highest marks for their ocean views.

California resorts

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The Post Ranch Inn sits on one of America’s most scenic shoreline areas: California’s Central Coast. This Big Sur resort is perched on a cliff, so the views are particularly amazing, even by West Coast standards. Guests can choose from 39 rooms and two private villas. Ocean-view rooms have large picture windows, and many even have private outdoor hot tubs and decks that overlook the water. Post Ranch’s Cliff House Rooms have floor to ceiling windows so guests can have balcony-like views even while they are inside.

Mexico luxury estate

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Located on Mexico’s remote Costa Alegre, Cuixmala was once the home a British billionaire. It is now a one-of-a-kind vacation property. There are several palatial residences around the 25,000 acre grounds. One building, known as La Playa Villa, sits right on the sand, with a front patio and pool area that offers views that you just cannot find at a resort.

Mexico private villas

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Villa Serena is one of the best examples of a private Cabo San Lucas vacation estate. Five bedrooms within the villa all have views of the Sea of Cortez. The neighboring Villa Amanda has five additional rooms. The patios of these estates run right down to the white sand beach. If you want to stay away from Cabo’s sometimes crowded resorts and have a group vacation that features great views and privacy, these villas should get your top billing.

Caribbean resorts ocean views

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Ladera Resort may just offer the best views of any vacation venue in the Caribbean. Located on Saint Lucia, this holiday haven is perched high up on the slopes of the Piton Mountains. Each of the 32 suites has a private plunge pool. This is one of those rare cases in the resort world where “private” literally means "private." Each suite has an open wall, so you can still enjoy the view while you are outside, but you will be completely separated from the neighboring suites. Ladera is high above the coast, but it does have a free shuttle service that takes guests down to the ocean.

Caribbean luxury villas

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The ultimate seaside experience is alive and well on Saint Barts. This francophone island is home to the Gouverneur Estate. This ultra-luxury estate has three villas that can be rented separately or together. The accommodations here are characterized by sundecks, infinity swimming pools and picture windows that offer picturesque views of the water and coastline. The estate sits on a private cove, so even though it is near the main city of Gustavia, it offers a high level of privacy.

These are five of the best, but they are not the only seaside venues. Find more here.

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