africaflightOne of the most intimidating things about traveling in a foreign country is transportation, especially in a third world country. While most of South Africa is very safe, there are many areas to be cautious. And then there is the question of do I fly, drive, hire a driver or take the train??

Cape Town

Cape town, for the most part, is very safe. We recommend arriving at the airport and either arrange for your hotel to pick you up or exit the airport and take an airport designated cab. We took the cab at the airport and felt very safe.

Getting around Cape town

We highly recommend sticking to cabs and even uber. We took uber all over cape town and felt very safe with every driver we had and it's a much more affordable option than a cab.

Renting a car

We recommend renting a car when you visit the surrounding areas of Cape Town like the winelands, the Cape of Good Hope, Boulders Beach or if you plan to conquer the garden route. Driving through The Cape winelands is not only a smooth and pleasant drive, but it gives you the freedom to pop in and visit any winery you would like and not be restricted to a tour.

Renting a car in Cape Town is a very smooth process. Our hotel made arrangements to have our car delivered to the hotel so we didn't even have to worry about picking it up.

capetown drive capetown driving view


Johannesburg can be a very dangerous place if you don't know the area. We highly suggest arranging for transportation in advance through your hotel.


If you have a few extra bucks to spend and you need to get from Cape Town to Johannesburg or visa versa, we recommend a once in a lifetime adventure on the luxurious South Africa Blue Train. The only way to see the South Africa countryside and farmlands all while sipping champagne and eating world class food.

Blue train South Africa Bluetrain southafrica

luxury blue train


Whether you are visiting Kruger National Park or any other game reserve or plan to visit another location like Victoria Falls, be prepared for an adventure in itself with the many diverse flights you will be getting on during your time in South Africa and beyond. A flight is necessary for just about everywhere you go and the planes vary in size from helicopters to 6 passenger planes and go up from there.

fedair flight flights in africa helicopter 2 helicopter

africa flight

The bottom line, traveling outside of Cape Town is not always the easiest. Plan to spend many hours in airports, expect delayed flights, scary looking little planes, and just about everything in between. But hey you are in Africa, its a once in a lifetime experience and worth every unexpected moment.

We want to hear from you!! Tell us about your experience getting around in South Africa and Beyond??

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