Ever notice that after a breakup, you’ve had the urge to flee? To just hop on a plane and go somewhere, anywhere! There’s a good reason for that. Travel is one of the most cathartic ways to clear your head, shake up your perspective and breathe new life into your sad little lungs. Just like there’s many a country to choose from, there’s also many a holiday-type up for grabs. I have traveled the world during many breakups, new relationships, hard times, and soul-searching periods in my life, so I came up with a list of Breakup Escapes to help get you back to fabulous.

1. Get Wild | New Zealand

How To Get Over A Breakup: New Zealand

This is for the intrepid, adrenaline junkie traveler. On an expedition to New Zealand, you’ll white water raft without a raft, bungee jump from terrifying heights, climb inside active volcanoes and ski down a cliff face – and that’s just the tip of the glacier. Not for the faint of heart, this type of holiday will use up all your adrenaline and get your heart racing so fast, you’ll leave your breakup blues in the dust. When you’ve survived grade 5 rapids in freezing waters, there’s no stopping you!

  • Breakup Shakeup Rating: 10/10

2. Get Grounded In A Staycation | Home

This is a profound way to take a trip around the world without leaving your city. To kickstart your local exploration, create a list of all the wonderful, inspiring and even crazy things to do in your own city. Just imagine you have friends in town that you want to impress! Go beyond your favorites and discover things you’ve never tried: check out any new exhibits, galleries or restaurants. Rediscovering your own world is hugely healing and helps you to move on. It may be hard at the start, especially if you have pesky memories that are clouding your vision, but shaking up your local experience will have an incredible, lasting impact on your day-to-day life, and help you to create new memories to replace the painful ones.

  • Breakup Shakeup Rating: 6/10

3. Get Zen | India

How To Get Over A Breakup: Taj Majal India

It might be a little Eat, Pray, Love-ish, but there’s a lot to be said for taking some time out to reconnect, heal and get grounded. You can start small with a few yoga classes here and there, or throw yourself into a meditation retreat for months, or just find stillness in the chaos by visiting temples or the countryside. Like anything of this nature, it’s all about what feels right for you.   No matter what level you choose, you’ll face a challenge – and a breakthrough waits on the other side.

  • Breakup Shakeup Rating: 8/10

4. Get Glam | Buenos Aires

Nothing will glitz you up like heading to the European capital of South America. With a Parisian glamor and a Latino party spirit, you’ll shop by day, salsa by night and take in some stunning sights as you go. Buenos Aries has an eclectic style and electric energy that will shake away any breakup blues. Parts of Buenos Aires may feel familiar, but seek out those that don’t! You must join the locals of ALL ages to tango in the square and just let your body go free!

  • Breakup Shakeup Rating: 7/10

5. Get Generous.

How To Get Over A Breakup: Volunteer

Transformational travel and giving back is one of the fastest ways to ditch the breakup baggage and is a popular trend in travel in 2017. When we start focusing on different problems, our own seem to diminish. Helping others who are less fortunate than you will lift your spirits in no time! There’s no shortage of holidays that incorporate a bit of voluntourism into the voyage. You can teach English, tend coffee farms, clean rivers or even care for elephants. The Elephant Sanctuary in Chitwan Nepal is one of my favorites. Plus, on a trip like this, you’re bound to meet generous and caring people – which is a big bonus right now! Be ready to learn from these wondrous animals – except perhaps the bit about never forgetting!

  • Breakup Shakeup Rating: 8/10

6. Get Lost | Tanzania

The sheer size of the savannah and power of its inhabitants will leave you so dazzled you won't even remember your former beau. Be prepared to be gobsmacked as you come up close and personal with the big five: lions, rhinos, elephants, leopards, and hippos. And remember, keep those hands inside the car! Before you leave, find a creative way to document your experience. Perhaps it's time to unleash your inner photographer, sketch the savannah or even let the prose flow! Photography and art have always been my sanctuary when I am feeling down. Not to mention, coming face to face with some terrifying animals will give you a newfound appreciation for your life.

  • Breakup Shakeup Rating: 9/10

7. Get Healthy | Italy

How To Get Over A Breakup: Get Healthy

Breakups are a chance to start afresh on every front, including your health and fitness. Head to the hills of Tuscany for walking tours, cooking classes, ocean swims and a daily dip into the Mediterranean Diet. It’s no coincidence that those that live in this part of the world are living healthier, longer lives. Nothing says moving on more than emerging looking your best!

  • Breakup Shakeup Rating: 7/10

8. Get Your Sexy Back | Ibiza

Ibiza has made a comeback in recent years. While its reputation as a party island still stands, the party is changing. Think less nightclub and more beach lounge (though the clubs are still there if that’s your jam). Spend the days sipping some martinis as you bounce around the spectacular beaches, or cruise around on a yacht. As the sun sets, grab a sundowner or two and get ready to show some skin on the dance floor. You get out what you put in – and yes, we’re talking about martinis.

  • Breakup Shakeup Rating: 6/10

9. Get It All | Peru

How To Get Over A Breakup: Peru Machu Picchu

For the indecisive traveler, Peru is the place to go! Like a cultural immersion? Spend nights at a homestay with a local tribe. History buff? Explore the ancient civilization of Machu Picchu. Fanatic foodie? Frequent some of the best restaurants in the world in South America’s culinary capital. Adventure seeker? Walk the jungle and meet some exquisite animals along the way. There’ll be no time for sorrow as you try to fit it all in! If you can get bored with Peru, you’re bored with life. Between deserts, jungles, beaches, mountains, trekking, the amazon, and European-esque cities like Cusco, this country has something for everyone!

  • Breakup Shakeup Rating: 9/10

10. Get Dancing | Rio de Janeiro

Brazilians can’t get enough of Samba. And it’s easy to see why. Once the rhythm takes over, your melancholy instantly evaporates and a new, sultry and sexy pulse takes charge! The Brazilians are not only masterful dancers but also masterful teachers. Take a lesson or two, then hit up some of the Samba clubs with panache. The harder you Samba, the better it will be.

  • Breakup Shakeup Rating: 8/10

11. Get Cultured | Turkey

Turkey is one giant tapestry of complexity, contrast, and delight. With a foot in both Europe and Asia, Christian and Islamic influences, pristine coastlines and dramatic deserts, modern architecture and ruins from the ancients through to the Ottomans – Turkey is one big melting pot. Be sure to try it all on, especially the delicious Turkish desserts. Once your mind is full of the colorful and exotic sights and sounds of Turkey, your breakup will seem boring.

  • Breakup Shakeup Rating: 9/10

12. Get Out Of This World | Northern Lights (Finland)

How To Get Over A Breakup: Finland Northern Lights

For an experience that will transport you out of this world and into what feels like a different galaxy, check out these Arctic wonders. With dramatic colors reminiscent of a reverie, and stars that set the sky ablaze, you’ll be so overcome by this natural phenomenon you’re imagination will be bursting with new dreams. While you’re there, dip in the thermal spas, replenish your skin in a smoke sauna, learn how to drive a team of husky dogs or reindeer, push your adrenaline boundaries on snowmobiles, or find complete isolation and quiet in the snow-covered wilderness on cross-country skis. The only catch with this trip is you may remember it as a dream.

  • Breakup Shakeup Rating: 10/10