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Everyone wants to feel incredibly relaxed when they are on a retreat. Whether they are with a group or traveling alone or as a couple, people want a certain level of pampering... You could even say that retreaters are indulging in a little bit of laziness while they are on such a vacation.

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There is certainly nothing wrong with "taking it easy" once in a while. No matter what you do for a living or what responsibilities you have, modern life is stressful. Unwinding with a trip to a spa or other similar destination is not just "something nice to do," you could almost consider it a necessity.

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Not everyone takes full advantage of such retreats. Yes, you leave a spa or resort feeling totally relaxed. Maybe for the next week or so, you will still have a bit of a buzz; you will still feel totally at ease. A retreat that is specifically planned to address your health and wellbeing can give you a much longer-lasting afterglow. Health retreats don't just provide pampering (although pampering is always on the menu), they give you a personalized spa treatment plan and also take the treatments beyond the massage room.

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The venues that offer these kinds of experiences focus 0n diet and teach their guests things like yoga and meditation. Perhaps best of all, health retreat resorts are usually located in very scenic regions of the world. It is pretty easy to feel at peace when you can look out of your accommodations and see lush valleys, a picturesque seashore or beautiful mountain panoramas.

Here are some venues that can help you turn a standard spa vacation into a life-changing health retreat.


Aro Ha is a retreat located on the shores of a mountain lake near the New Zealand destination of Queenstown. This resort is part modern luxury retreat, part nature-rich zen experience. Guests can practice yoga and listen to health-themed lectures in the beautiful studio area. The uncluttered guest rooms offer panoramas of the mountains and Lake Wakatipu, and there are miles and miles of hiking trails that allow Aro Ha's guests to immerse themselves in nature. While they are here, guests get a personalized spa treatment plan and also a dietary plan. The food is all local and organic. Guests leave Aro Ha totally healthy inside and outside. What's more, the New Zealand health retreat teaches them how to bring healthy, rejuvenating practices back home with them.


Song Saa is a private island in Cambodia. Located 30 minutes away from the beach resort of Sihanoukville by boat, this amazing place consists of a number of private villas scattered around a lush tropical island. The resort is known for its "sanctuaries." These special places are designed specifically for guests to gather their thoughts and enjoy a sense of serenity. A full menu of spa treatments is also available.

Song Saa has guided meditation sessions. Since Cambodia is a deeply Buddhist country, this is arguably the perfect place to go to learn the art of meditation. Healthy, low-fat foods are on the menu, and the water is teeming with marine life and filled with adventure opportunities including snorkeling, kayaking and stand-up paddle-boarding.

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Nayara Springs is located in Costa Rica's stunning Arenal Volcano National Park. Privacy is the keyword at this Central American retreat. Each of the villas are located in a secluded section of the garden-covered property. This is the place to come if you want to be pampered. Each villa has butler and maid service. The spa has a full menu of rejuvenating treatments, and there is a beautiful yoga pavilion where you can practice in the middle of the lush rainforest.

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These venues can provide you with the kind of healthy retreat that can change your outlook and give you an extended feeling of well-being once you get back to the "real world." How can you be certain that your chosen retreat destination can give you this kind of healthy experience? Make sure that their promotional material doesn't just focus on pampering and spa treatments. Look for resorts that mention that you can learn healthy practices during your stay (yoga, mediation, diet planning). These are the kinds of places that can give you the type of experience and benefits that you are looking for.

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