Celebrity Destinations

The Golden Age of Hollywood is behind us.

However, it is still possible to get in touch with the classic luxury and style that stars like Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Clark Gable, Rita Hayward, and so many others enjoyed.

This is because a lot of the destinations that these stars vacationed in still have thriving tourism scenes.

Surprisingly, many of these classic places have changed little over the years, and those that have changed still retain a lot of the elegant charms and a few of the classic venues that gave them their glamorous vibe.

Want to enjoy the kind of kind of vacation experience that used to only be reserved for Hollywood legends? Try one of these 10 destinations...


Live like a Celebrity: Miami

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Yes, today South Beach is characterized by all-night-parties and sexy beach scenes.

But this area of Flrodia's coastline was once a stylish haven for vacationers.

The art deco buildings still stand in several areas around Miami Beach.

You can spend the day wandering through these well-kept historic neighborhoods, or you could even stay in places like Casablanca on the Beach, a trendy hotel with a long and glamorous history.

For travelers who really want to turn up the glamour and bring a sense of exclusivity to their holiday, private rental villas in the Miami area are the best opiton.

If you really want to emulate the stars, both past and present, then a vacation villa is certainly a good option.


Celebrity Estates in Scottsdale, Arizona

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Scottsdale and Phoenix have long been popular getaway destinations for stars on the West Coast.

Everyone from silver screen luminaries like Humphrey Bogart to political figures like George Bush have come to the desert to relax.

The famous Biltmore Hotel has seen more star power than virtually any other hotel in the US.

The classic luxury and unparalleled elegance can still be found at the Biltmore.

The famous Camelback East District hosts name brand boutiques, fine dining restaurant snad glittering nightclubs.

And things like golf and luxury spas can also find theie way onto your itinnerary (as long as you have a generous travel budget).

Like Miami Beach, the best way to really turn up the extravagance and vacation like a star is to find a rental estate where you can enjoy a wealth of privacy and luxury.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles Celebrity Event Venues

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Today's film industry seems to be moving away from Hollywood movie studios.

But it is easy to get in touch with that golden time in the '40s, '50s, and '60s when Hollywood was the center of the entertainment universe.

The walk of fame is still a popular tourist attraction, and you can still find some of the old haunts that Hollywood legends hung out at when they were in town for a movie shoot.

But the real way to get a feel for the elegance that used to characterize tinseltown is to head to a private estate.

At places like the Hollywood Grand Mansion, you can look out over the city while sipping champagne and actually enjoying the celebrity lifestyle for a day or two.

Of course, other celebrity vacation hot-spots like Malibu also have luxury rental estates.

Santa Barbara

Celebrity Estates in Santa Barbara

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Santa Barbara, often referred to as the American Riviera, is a city that is filled with history and oozes classic elegance.

The Spanish colonial and Moorish architecture really gives Santa Barbara a classic atmosphere, while the always-perfect weather makes a vacation possible at any time of year.

Wine tasting rooms, world-class restaurants, stunning beaches and the boutiques located all through the downtown area give tourists plenty of vacation options, even if they are only in town on a day-trip.

To really experience Santa Barbara, a stay in a classic luxury hotel like the Canary Hotel or on a rental estate like Villa Verano  should be on your holiday agenda.

New York City

New York Celebrity Estates

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In some places, walking in the footsteps of the legends of entertainment history can require seeking out places that are hard to find.

That is certainly not the case in New York City.

Stars have been visiting and peforming at Broadway theaters and Big Apple nightclubs for decades.

The streets of 5th Avenue and Midtown Manhattan still have the kind of exciting and glamorous buzz that they have always had.

And you wouldn't be able to count the number of moveis that have been set in iconic places like Central Park or the Empire State Building over the years.

This city still has a number of clasic hotels and restaurants.

If you are lucky enough to stay in a penthouse estate while you are here, you can engage in the one pastime that celebrities and tourists alike have enjoyed for more than a century: gazing at the impressive skyline at nighttime.

Palm Springs

Celebrity Homes in Palm Springs

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Palm Springs, which sits in the California Desert, has long been a haven for Hollywood's elites when they wanted a quick getaway.

Since it is located near Los Angeles, it is, and has been for half-a century, one of Hollywood's most c convenient vacation destinations.

Tourists can actually stay in hotels where Clark Gable and Cary Grant frequented.

And they can still visit the place where Elvis went on his honeymoon.

You could even say that while Los Angeles is a good place for seeing what life was like for Hollywood's legends, Palm Springs is the place to come if you actually want to live like the world's most famous people did during the 1950s and '60s.

Key West and the Caribbean

Celebrity Destinations in the Cabribbean

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The idyllic settings of the Caribbean and the Florida Keys have  been drawing vacationers for decades.

Early celebrities like literary legend Ernest Hemingway spent a lot of time in Key West.

The charming colorful houses and classic pubs of his era still stand, and the sea and beautiful weather certainly haven't changed since his heyday.

Many James Bond films were set in this tropical region over the years.

Celebrities, both past and present, have their favorite Caribbean islands: from Jamaica to Saint Bart's to Bermuda.

Cape Cod

Celebrity hotspots: Cape Cod

image via Francisco Diez

Cape Cod has long been a destination for the rich and famous.

The most celebrated of this seaside Massachusetts haven's former residents was John F. Kennedy, though many others also spent time here.

Gregory Peck, Bette Davis, and Humphrey Bogart used to spend at least part of their summers on the Cape.

The Cape Playhouse, where vacationing celebrities would occasionally perform, still stands today.

To get a true celebrity summertime experience, you can rent a villa or vacation home near the water and spend your days sailing, swimming or just hanging around.

Hudson Valley

Celebrity hangouts: Hudson Valley

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Like Palm Springs and Santa Barbara on the West Coast, Hudson Valley is a place that has seen its share of star power because of its attractiveness and its convenient location.

When they were in New York City for work, stars would often take a weekend trip out to the valley to stay in a private estate or on a vineyard, where they could enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings while also appreciating some luxuries as well.

Rental estates in the Valley still cater to people seeking this same blend of rural atmosphere and comfort-filled stylishness.

The French Riviera

Celebrity Estates for Rent: The French Riviera

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The casinos of Monte Carlo are arguably some of the most glamorous places on earth.

But you don't have to bet a year's-income on red at the roulette table to get in on the excitement.

The Cote d'Azur's best destinations (Monaco, Nice, St. Tropez, and Cannes, to name a few) wear their classic ambiance and casual elegance like a badge of honor.

No, this is not the cheapest place in the world to have a vacation, but if you want to experience real, timeless glamour, there is no place better on earth.

Any star from Hollywood's history book has spent time here, and many of today's most-famous celebrities still flock to Cannes and Monte Carlo when it is time for a vacation.

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