Look For Natural Light for Your Wedding Photos

When your big day finally rolls around you are going to want to make sure you look absolutely stunning for your wedding photos.

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and we know you'll want to ensure your wedding photo album is one you can be proud of.

From getting the perfect bridal look to the best posture and poses, we've got all the tips you'll ever need and more!

So how do you look breathtaking in your wedding photos..?

Be Yourself

Above all, be yourself!

Be the best self you can be and don't try to look or be anything other than that.

If you are self conscious about something it will show through in your photos.

Remember to relax!

While you want to look flattering, you also want to make sure it still looks like you.

Wedding Photo Tricks

Photo by Justin Vorbach

Pre Wedding Shoot

A pre wedding shoot will provide the perfect opportunity for you to get to know your photographer and in turn get comfortable with them taking photos of both you and your partner.

As a rule of thumb, never book a photographer that you haven't met in person.

Practice Makes Perfect

It might sound silly but practicing what poses and angles work for you in front of the mirror can improve your wedding day photos exponentially.

Better yet, why not have a friend take some snaps of you trying out different positions to help you figure out your best side.

Practice Before You Shoot Your Wedding Photos

Photo by Alexander Rentsch

Forget the Camera

Forget about the cameras and flashes and have fun.

The brides that take the best pictures are those that look like they don't have a care in the world.

Don't be afraid to show emotions, it is your wedding day after all, and that's pretty darn emotional we'd say!

The only time you should be thinking about the camera is for your formal photos after the wedding ceremony and reception.

Savor the Moment

If you want your photographs to be a true reflection of your special day you need to cherish the moment.

Capturing the romance, excitement, emotion and intimacy is what it's all about!

Don't spend the whole time looking at your photographer, your gaze should be fixed on your new spouse.

Wedding Photo Ideas

Photo by Alexander Rentsch


Take Tyra Banks' advice and smile with your eyes.

There is a reason that this woman is a world class supermodel, media personality and host of one of the most popular TV shows of all time 'America's Next Top Model'.

She knows how to work it!

You don't have to be all teeth in your wedding pics for them to be successful.

The less smiley, more serious poses are extremely trendy and are especially great for those that struggle with natural looking smiles.


Serious has its place, but so does laughing.

Laughing is flattering on everyone and can really help to bring your photographs to life.

Remember to Laugh in Your Wedding Photos

Photo by Hey!Cheese

Tone Down the Makeup

Go easy on the makeup and stick with a classic, timeless look that will accentuate your best features.

Now is not the time to experiment!

Hire a professional makeup artist who knows what they are doing and which colors are right for your skin tone.

Look for Natural Light

Natural light is your best friend, so use it to your advantage whenever possible.

Natural lighting is beautiful, flattering and can help to make your skin look amazing.

And who doesn't want to look amazing, right?

Even if your ceremony and reception are indoors, open the shades and let the light in.

Look For Natural Light for Your Wedding Photos

Photo by Alexander Rantsch

Make up for Missing Light

If your reception is particularly dark make up for this by adding extra lighting, especially around the dance floor, cake and table arrangements.

Use spotlights for the first dance and/or ask your venue not to dim the lights too low!

Be Mindful of Your Arms

Don't press your arms against your body, as this can make even the slimmest of arms look heavy.

By placing a hand on your hip you will define your arm and the shape of your body.

Be Mindful of Your Arms in Your Wedding Photographs

Photo by Alena Nikiforova


Put your weight more onto one leg rather than both to avoid looking too stiff, and instead of standing face on to the camera turn your body at a 45 degree angle.

You'll look slimmer and feel much more confident.

The Power of the Tongue

A classic model trick, and one that will help you rock your wedding day photos, is to push your tongue against the roof of your mouth.

This little action will create tension under your chin and subsequently make your neck look longer.

Wedding Photo Tips

Photo by Briana Wollman

Stand Up Straight

Slouching won't do you any favors, so put your back into it and stand up straight.

Put your shoulders back, chest forward and pull your belly button in towards your spine.

You can still be relaxed when standing upright, just remember to breathe!

Don't Just Stand There

You don't have to be standing in every pic.

Shake things up a bit!

Sit, dance, run, jump...whatever, just be aware of your posture if you want to avoid looking schlumpy....yeah we just said schlumpy!

Sit, dance, run, jump in your wedding photos

Photo by Kelly

Eliminate the Squint

If the sun is really bright it can be hard not to squint in your photos.

A little trick that works every time is to ask the photographer when they are going to take the shot, and open when they tell you.

This is also a great tip for those who usually wear glasses but want to go it solo for their portraits.

Go Easy on the Drink

It's easy to get carried away and have one too many on your big day to help calm your nerves, but the last thing you want is to look as boozy as you feel in your pics.

Ditch the alcohol and stick with soft drinks instead.

Easy on the Drinks for Your Photos

Photo by Ian Davis

Use a Straw

Don't want to ruin your makeup?

Drink through a straw to help your lipstick stay on for a longer period of time.

Love Yourself

No matter what, you are going to shine on your wedding day.

Even if you didn't manage to lose those extra few pounds be confident and believe the camera will see your inner beauty!

Remember to Relax in Your Wedding Photos

Photo by Alexander Rantsch

Your Turn...

Have Any Tips To Add? Let us know in the comments below.