Your wedding day is the most special day of your life, but planning it is actually harder than most people realize! Trying not to spend too much money and constantly pleasing everyone around you can be quite complicated and stressful, which is why lots of brides and grooms look for a way to make this event less hectic. One of the best ideas out there is throwing a wedding reception in your own backyard – all you need to do is make it people-friendly and you’re good to go. If you’re planning your wedding at the moment, here are a few surprising benefits of backyard weddings you should look into.

The financial reasons

Weddings can be quite costly, even when you’re going for a small intimate reception with just a handful of guests. Knowing how much your band, venue, wedding dress and decorations are going to cost, there’s no way you can avoid spending a huge amount of money. However, since the venue usually costs the most, opting for a reception in your own backyard instead might save you a ton of money. After all, you’ll get an amazing space for free and have a chance to decorate it any way you want, and thus express your creativity in the best way possible.

Prepare the space

The most important thing about backyard weddings is the space – it has be flawless! Therefore, do everything you usually do when preparing your backyard for the spring, but with more attention to details. Some of the things you should focus on include:

  • repairing the roof,
  • mowing the lawn,
  • planting new grass,
  • getting a backup generator,
  • use colorful jute rugs to walk down the aisle in style
  • leveling the ground,
  • eliminating the pests and
  • putting up a tent, in case of rain.

These things shouldn’t take too much of your time and can be done in the weeks prior to the reception, but you can’t imagine a proper backyard wedding without them.

Go a step further

Of course, you can’t welcome your guests to your backyard without equipping and decorating it properly. Think about the number of people you’re inviting to your wedding and picture where you’ll accommodate them. Keep in mind that tables and chairs need to be positioned on an even ground, so level it in order to make sure nobody’s high heels get stuck in the grass. Moreover, get enough tables and chairs for everyone and position them around your backyard, but leave some room for an improvised dance floor as well. You can build it on your own and decorate it so that it fits the overall theme of your wedding.

Prepare your trees, plants and flowers

Most backyard weddings are planned during the summertime, so you can be sure your trees, plants and flowers will look amazing. If you plan it ahead and plant certain pieces of your garden a year in advance, it will bloom just in time for your wedding and thus present the most natural, yet most appealing wedding décor you could’ve wanted. What you need to do is make a detailed plan of your backyard and consult a landscape architect who’ll know how to arrange your flowers the best way possible. Use some for your centerpiece, too, thus saving money and proudly displaying your flowers at the same time.

Light it up!

The final step on your backyard wedding checklist should be setting up adequate lighting options that will come in handy after the sunset. While some people prefer a light beam, but you can go the other way and simply hang numerous string lights on your trees and all around your dancing area and equip each table with a few candles. This way, you’ll create a more natural and subtle atmosphere that will work well with your intimate reception.

Other ideas

Whether you do it on your own or hire a wedding planner, throwing a backyard wedding is quite complex and there are lots of things to think of. Some of the other ideas you should look into include hiring a reliable caterer, setting the theme, making your own decorations, thinking about insects and allergies, notifying your neighbors and arranging enough parking space. These weddings can be quite spectacular – just remember Connie’s wedding from The Godfather! – but also budget-friendly, so they’re a great idea for everyone.