Write your own guidebook for super well prepared weekend breaks

Planning a honeymoon differs greatly from any other kind of trip. You are trying to organize flights, hotels, vacation rentals and activities all while planning a wedding at the same time.

For some couples this can produce rash decisions of what routes to take or where to stay, decisions that end up souring a sweet reason to travel. I know this being a newlywed, just back home from my own three-week honeymoon in Italy and Greece.

There were planning elements to my honeymoon that went smoothly and those that could have changed a few negative moments on the trip. If you are in the process of not only planning a wedding but also a major honeymoon adventure, there are steps that you can take for smooth sailing throughout your trip.

Spend More Time in One Place If It’s Worth It

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I had very few regrets on my honeymoon in the planning department. However, if I could do it all over again, I would have spent more time in one place. Having three and a half weeks to work with, I got a little greedy with how much I wanted to see and do. Even if you seemingly have a lot of time to work with for your honeymoon, don’t try to do too much. The honeymoon should be spent unwinding, not jumping from place to place every two days.

When you plan out your honeymoon, it is helpful to print out a calendar and arrange the days by destination. You have to see if the puzzle pieces will all fit together in the timing department. You must consider if you will be moving hotels too often to really relax. Also in terms of planning how long to stay in what locations, it helps to not spend too much time in places with little to see and do.

Limit Long Travel Days 

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On my honeymoon, I was a little ambitious in the travel department. I thought that I could see much more than I had time to actually see. In the process, I ended up wasting several days of my honeymoon with long travel days, those days spent getting from A to B. These long travel days can go against the sole purpose of a honeymoon, relaxing after the wedding planning chaos. While in Greece, most of the days that I had to take ferries, the whole day was consumed with travel and very little relaxation.

Couples planning their honeymoons should consider the time involved with reaching their dream destinations. If you are short on time, it is best to keep your plans simpler by limiting the days where you physically travel all day. By cutting back on these exhaustive days that often require another day to recover, you can get back to the purpose of the honeymoon, relaxing with your new husband or wife.

Do Your Research 

Write your own guidebook for super well prepared weekend breaks

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In the midst of wedding planning, I often failed to properly research my honeymoon destinations as I normally would with a ordinary vacation. As a result, I ended up wishing that I didn’t spend as much time in certain spots. An island in Greece that I only briefly researched ended up being a somewhat wasted two nights. Going along with researching those destinations, you also need to be certain that the places you spend multiple nights in actually yield enough to see and do. While a honeymoon is all about relaxing and recovering from the wedding, it also shouldn’t be devoid of activities and attractions.

While it can seem hard to keep your focus when dealing with wedding details, a couple should set aside time to properly research where they want to go on their honeymoon. If you don’t read up on destinations that are new to you, you might waste precious time in locations that don’t suit you or your honeymoon.

Check Your Dates Twice 


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A honeymoon is not the time for travel goofs. With a wedding to plan, you can sometimes neglect the little details that can be crucial toward good or bad travels. Before you purchase your tickets or book that vacation rental, you should go over your dates at least twice. Again, this is the time to make certain that you aren’t staying too long in one place or too short in another.

Know Cancellation Policies In Case You Want To Change Plans

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While somewhat unusual of honeymoon circumstances, after a long travel day, my husband and I encountered bed bugs at our hotel. Sadly as we booked through a booking agent, we couldn’t get all of our money back when we decided to get out before the bed bugs began biting.

Just as you should with any trip, you need to know what you can cancel and when. It isn’t always smart to book non-refundable rates on a honeymoon in case of a missed connection or in my case, a bed bug disaster. To avoid sticky cancellation policies, as newlyweds, you might want to invest in travel insurance to cover those hiccups in the road outside of your control.

Find A Happy Medium Between Locales Focused on Relaxation And Sightseeing Based Destinations

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The Greek islands are a dream honeymoon destination, mostly because there are loads of beaches to relax on and soak up the sun post wedding celebrations. However, at times I found the destinations I selected in Greece to be a little too heavy on relaxation. I wish that I had found a happy medium between booking destinations with plenty of sights to see and those that were merely for relaxation.

Couples planning their honeymoons need to balance relaxation with sightseeing. If you have too much one or the other, you may meet boredom at your destination or not enough down time to fully recuperate from the wedding.

Your Turn…

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