Practice Yoga at a Private Estate Rental

Taking a vacation is supposed to be about relaxation and rejuvenation.

Sometimes travelers get caught up in an ambitious sightseeing schedule or an over-full itinerary of activities.

Luckily, some rental estates offer services and facilities that can help guests have a truly relaxing vacation experience.

These havens for relaxation boast features like in-home yoga studios, spa services, pools, steam rooms, saunas, and jacuzzis.

These places make it possible to have both the privacy and

sense of quiet that comes from renting an estate for a vacation as well as the spa, health, and wellness services that would be offered at a resort.

When it comes to the basics – massage, manicure, or facials - most vacation rental villas are able to arrange for high quality services.

At some estates, however, the focus is primarily on relaxation and wellness features.

Here are some of the amenities that people can expect from this type of estate.

Yoga with a  view

Yoga aficionados like to claim that their practice is one of the most relaxing and beneficial in the world.

Some estates take the yoga experience to another level by placing their studios in rooms that offer some of the most scenic views on their property.

The Wind and Sea Big Sur, on California's amazingly scenic Central Coast, actually has its yoga studio on an open air deck that overlooks the Pacific, so guests can enjoy both views and fresh ocean breezes while practicing.

The Saint John Villa, in the US Virgin Islands, does not have a dedicated yoga studio, but it does have plenty of open air space overlooking one of the most beautiful beaches and bays on the island of Saint John's.

So while estates that are focused on health, wellness, and spa-like features might seem attractive, other vacation rentals can offer more informal, but equally attractive, settings for yoga practice and other wellness activities.

Ultimate relaxation

Jacuzzis are actually a pretty standard feature for luxury vacation estates.

These warm baths with their massaging water jets are virtually a requirement for any high end estate (and any luxury hotel, for that matter).

Most luxury estates have at least one jacuzzi tub.  The master bedroom is usually equipped with a jacuzzi that is big enough for two people.

Many estates in warm weather destinations have larger outdoor whirlpools sitting next to a pool area or sunk into the patio.

These features can bring relaxation after a long day on the tourist trail.

Peace and quiet

For some vacationers, the extra health and wellness features aren't the main attraction.

They simply want some peace and quiet.

Even the best bed and breakfast or the most luxurious hotel, inn, or resort can't provide the same sense of privacy and quiet that people can find at a high-end vacation rental estate.

The most private estates are often located in more-rural areas and have extensive grounds that further buffer guests from the outside world.

Southern Mississippi's Desert Plantation is one such place.  Its 1,000 acres of classic Southern landscape provide plenty of peaceful places for guests to walk though nature while on their vacation.

A vacation is supposed to be about relaxation.

Rental estates that focus on wellness, health, spa services, and peace-and-quiet can make the ultimate relaxation vacation possible.