If you’re in the mood for a vacation experience with a different feel,

it might be time to explore staying in an authentic luxury villa.

Sometimes the hustle and bustle of a vacation defeats the actual purpose...pure relaxation!

Staying in a hotel is an option while on vacation, but it’s nothing like staying in a villa.

Luxuriating in a villa on vacation is like taking your home with you.

You have a kitchen, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, large family rooms and typically, a large outdoor relaxation area.

It’s truly the ultimate vacation experience.

But like anything nice, it comes with a price.

Thankfully, there are a few tips and tricks you can use that should help you get the most bang for your buck.

Travel in the off-season

Like weddings, there are also peak-seasons for traveling.

If you’ve always wanted to reserve a villa in Tuscany, but the high price tag scares you, try booking that same villa during the winter.

Sure it’s not wine harvesting season, but you’re still in Italy and it will be much more affordable.

Traveling to Italy and staying in a villa that sleeps up to eight guests in September could run you about $10,000 for the week, according to YourTuscany.com.

If you stay at that same villa with the same amount of people, but this time in January, the price drops to $8,500.

The same goes for other Mediterranean countries.

During the spring and summer, travelers flock to Spain, Greece and Monaco.

Try going to those same countries during what is considered the rain season in the fall and experience a significant price drop.

You’ll also experience less tourists and a cooler, more enjoyable climate.

One time flash sales

We live in a world today filled with Groupon, Living Social and Travel Zoo deals, so it’s a no-brainer to stay plugged into social shopping sites and find a killer deal.

The first thing to remember with flash sales is that they typically are last minute and have limited availability, so you’ll have to act quickly.

Make sure you can get time off from work and no other commitments before you buy.

Also remember that the flash sale typically doesn’t include the cost of getting you there, so have some money in the bank for plane tickets.

Now onto where you can find these flash sales.

When it comes to villas, you’ll be dealing with flash-sale sites dedicated to luxury travel and merchandise.

It’s pretty unlikely that Groupon, Living Social, or even Travel Zoo (which is great for general travel deals) will have last-minute rates for Mediterranean villas.

Signup for Vente-Privee, a luxury flash sale site owned by American Express.

They don’t always have travel deals, but when they do, they tend to be very nice.

Vacationist is another flash sale site that is very luxury-focused.

It can occasionally save you up to 60 percent off villa rentals.

Travel with a large group

Why travel with just your small family and stay in a large villa, when you could also invite extended family and close friends?

Most villas on the market that you can rent sleep 10-12 people on average, or more than twice the size of the normal family.

By inviting extended family or close friends, you could ask to split the cost right down the middle.

Now instead of paying $10,000 for the week, you’re only paying $5,000.

That’s a good deal.

Negotiate a better deal

Many villa rental sites are owned and operated by one or two individuals who live elsewhere but made an investment to own a villa.

Their goal is to keep the villa filled year-round — even if it means losing a few hundred dollars.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate a better rate with the owner of the villa that you’re interested in — especially in the off-season.

There’s a good chance that you���re the only person interested in that villa at the time.

The owner would rather take the money than let it stay empty.

Also don’t be afraid to offer something in return.

If you’re an artist, maybe offer to paint a landscape shot of the villa for the owner.

There’s wiggle room in every price.

Have your own way of saving money on villa rentals?

Make sure to share it with us below...