If people can't find your estate venue when they perform basic online searches, you're missing out on a lot of lucrative business.

The days of flipping through massive telephone directories are fading fast. These days, your prospective customers are seeking out villa rental locations, estate wedding locations, corporate events locations and other venue locations through the Internet. Creating and maintaining a website isn't enough.

To attract as much targeted and relevant traffic as possible, your venue descriptions need to be optimized for the major search engines. The most popular way to do that is through search engine optimization or SEO. Learn how to create SEO-friendly venue descriptions below.

The Problem with Basic, Generic Descriptions

You probably already know that descriptions of your mansion, ranch or other venue location need to accurately convey what prospective customers can expect.

They should include as many relevant details as possible, and they should be well-written and compelling to boot.That's all well and good, but it's not enough.

To increase the odds that your venue will appear near the top of the search engine rankings, its description needs to be sprinkled with effective, targeted keywords and key phrases.

That's where SEO comes into play.

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization refers to the process of optimizing a website to bolster its ranking with the major search engines. It's a widely used and highly regarded strategy. When done properly, it can produce exceptional results.

The first step to achieving high-quality SEO is coming up with a list of search terms that your ideal customers are the most likely to use when performing queries on the major search engines.

By sprinkling your venue description with targeted keywords that are relevant to private estate locations, filming locations, corporate events locations or whatever type of venue you're marketing, the right people are more likely to find it online.

Optimizing Your Venue Description

After you've selected a list of keywords and key phrases that make sense for your particular venue, you need to use them to optimize its online description.

There are two main ways to do this: You can incorporate them into the existing content, or you can start from scratch and slip them into the new description when it makes sense to do so.

It's almost always best to simply rewrite the description entirely because attempting to squeeze keywords into previously written content can produce clumsy, difficult-to-read results.

Keep it Natural

While creating your optimized venue description, you need to keep two audiences in mind: search engine crawlers and humans. Search engine crawlers, which are sometimes called spiders or bots, analyze a site's content to figure out what it is all about.

They apply the information that they find to an algorithm that assigns the site a ranking in the search engine results. Therefore, you're mostly including specific keywords for their benefit.

However, the description of your villa rental location, estate wedding location or other venue must be easy and enjoyable for humans to read too, or they won't stick around to consider your services.

Tracking Your Progress

It's important to monitor your venue's ranking with the major search engines to see whether or not the optimization process is having a positive effect. Before you optimize your estate venue description, perform searches using the keywords that you have selected.

Make a note of where your venue appears in the search engine results pages or SERPs. After implementing your new SEO strategy, wait a day or two and perform the searches again. With any luck, the optimized description of your venue will have moved up in the rankings.

Getting Help

Depending on your specific venue and the amount of competition that it faces, optimized descriptions may not be enough.

There's more to search engine optimization that optimizing content with specific keywords. If your revamped descriptions don't seem to be getting you anywhere, it might be due to fierce competition from other filming locations, villa rental locations, private estate locations, estate wedding locations and other venues.

In that case, a little extra help may be warranted. It's well worth it to hire an experienced SEO firm to assist you because it can result in more reliable, consistent and effective results.

It's Worth It

The chances are high that many of your closest competitors have already implemented SEO for their venue descriptions. If you don't get into the act yourself, you're essentially handing them a ton of free business.

The good news is that it's not difficult to write SEO-friendly descriptions for your estate venue. From start to finish, the entire process can be finished in a single afternoon. It's smart to get going with this as quickly as possible, and you certainly have nothing to lose.

Get started right now by coming up with a list of relevant keywords and optimizing your venue description today.

If you need assistance with your SEO Friendly Description feel free to contact us for more information.