Hudson Valley Estates

The Hudson Valley is known for its perfect balance of classiness and relaxed attitude.

People drive up from New York City or fly in from around the country to experience this attractive and welcoming atmosphere.

In early Spring, when the Valley is starting to come alive (with tourist traffic and greenery), the number events for weekenders or vacationers from other parts of the country starts to grow along with the foliage.

During this season, the highlight for gourmets and anyone who enjoys food made with creativity and elegance would have to be the Hudson Valley Restaurant Week.

Actually, this year's Spring Restaurant Week will stretch for two weeks, from March 10th through 23rd.

Restaurants will serve three-course meals for a set price.  Some will have one specialty available to diners, while others will offer several options.

All the participating restaurants serve these specialties during dinnertime, and many also have a special lunch menu for restaurant week as well (lunches also include three courses).

New York events and estates

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Yes, New York City's various restaurant weeks will give you a chance to eat food made by world famous celebrity chefs.

But a lot of these kitchens actually get their ingredients from the Hudson Valley.

Valley eateries, many of which have their own notable names in the kitchen, also have a penchant for local ingredients.

But the Hudson's trademark scenery and timeless atmosphere give it an attractiveness that even the glitziest restaurants in the Big Apple cannot compete with.

This is why a March weekend in the Valley will prove to be time well spent. Last year's restaurants weeks (Hudson Valley holds both Spring and Fall events) had more than 150 restaurants participating.

If you are excited by the prospect of exploring the historic ambiance and refined flavors of the Valley's eateries, then you could easily spend the whole two weeks in the area.

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week

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You could drive up from the city for the day, but the magic of the Hudson Valley is that once you get there, you will want to stay.

Luckily, bed and breakfasts and historic inns abound.  But what if you wanted this delicious fortnight to be the backdrop of something more special than a culinary-themed weekend getaway?

There are a number of Hudson Valley estates that can both accommodate overnight guests and provide event hosting services.

That means you could add your own catered special event to the flavorful springtime happenings.

Hudson Valley vacation estates

Rhinebeck's Rosaline Estate is an ideal choice for people seeking a venue for just such an experience.

The colonial style mansion has plenty of space for overnight guests.

It can accommodate up to ten people, and also host events.

The expansive grounds of this estate will be just beginning to bloom as the snow melts away, so you will also be in touch with the natural beauty of this region during your event.

Best of all, Rhinebeck is in close proximity to a number of the towns and villages who boast some of the best restaurants in the lower Hudson Valley.

This means that you and your guests can easy enjoy the more exciting participants of restaurant week without having to sit in the car for more than a few minutes.

Hudson Valley estates

And then there is Woodstock.

Known for its arts scene and culture, this town is located within eyeshot of the beautiful Catskill Mountains.

Ski season might be winding down by mid-March, but the scenery is beautiful, and, of course, there will never be a better time of year to dine out.

The High Rock Estate, which offers a perfect vantage point to appreciate the Catskills from its grounds, is the kind of retreat that people seeking to relax in style will deeply appreciate.

The expansive grounds of this estate will just be starting to bloom in March, so you and any guests you want to share the experience with will be surrounded by New York's most beautiful springtime scenery.

Hudson Valley events

For something slightly more intimate, the Full Moon Farm, in the town of Rensselaerville, is a good option.

The sleek design of this "farmhouse" makes it both inviting and stylish, even on the chilliest March afternoon.

Whether you want a luxurious place to spend the night after a day on the restaurant trail or you want to host your own food-themed event for a hundred of your closest friends, this spot is an excellent option.


You can find a number of additional estates both in the Hudson Valley and nearer to New York City on or special New York estate page.

Our main site has estates from a ll around the country so you can hold an event in conjunction with the springtime restaurant weeks in your own region of the country.

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