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Eight years ago I had this idea, an idea of the ultimate wedding experience where couples could rent a large home or private estate for an entire weekend and celebrate with their closest loved ones for a three day wedding weekend.

Meadow Burn Farm

Meadow Burn Farm, New Jersey

Yes, people have done this by hosting weddings in hotels and country clubs, but there seems to be something a bit more magical about staying in a private home where it is just you, your family and close friends. A wedding, family reunion, and group getaway all wrapped into one. That being said, a year later Estate Weddings and Events was born.

Byronview Farm

Byron View Farm, Byron Bay Australia

Fast forward eight years and here we are about to experience our own wedding weekend. Even more now than back then, I have come to see the importance of a wedding weekend.

Here are the top reasons why you should consider a wedding weekend

Time To Enjoy

Topping Rose House

You will spend months, sometimes years planning your dream wedding and just like that it will be over before you know it. Do you know how often I hear couples say that they didn't even get to say hello to uncle joe? Or how they were so busy making their rounds to say hi to everyone that they did not even get to try the food they spent days on end picking out. A weekend allows you to take the time to spend with each and every guest as well as sit back to enjoy your day.

Multiple Events Rather Than One

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I know many of you are thinking a weekend wedding is just too expensive, but it doesn't have to be. Consider a welcome reception and order pizza or hire a taco cart. Have everyone bring a bottle of wine. It doesn't need to be fancy to have another day with your family and friends.

It's Not Just A Wedding, It's A Family Reunion, Group Getaway And So Much More

Dawn Ranch Lodge

There are only a few events in your life where you can get your family, friends, and closest people in your life all in one place to celebrate, thus the weekend enables not just one joyous occasion, but a combination of many to enjoy one anthers company and to start this new season of life off with a bang and those you hold dear.

Your Turn...

What were your favorite wedding weekend memories?

Byronview Farm Australia Wedding Venue