The honeymoon is over and now it’s time to get back to reality. There are thank you notes to write, the multiple coffee makers you received as gifts need to be returned, your dress still needs to be cleaned, and don’t forget the countless items that require your new name. Now while all of this may seem overwhelming, here we will provide you a list of the most important to-dos after you say “I do.”

Now that the fun is all over, have you finished resolving any outstanding balances with vendors? Did you make sure to tip everyone for the job well done and thank them for how smoothly your event ran? Many vendors also appreciate if you leave them a review online. What about collecting your deposits since Uncle Ed managed not to drunkenly break a glass with his toast this time? At some point after the wedding, all of these issues need to be addressed to assure your finances are all correct and no money is owed to either you or one of your vendors.

After squaring away all the wedding finances it is now time to begin writing those dreaded thank you cards. Don’t put these off! While this task might seem overwhelming at first, there are ways you can make it a little bit easier. First, set a goal to get them sent out by. Within two months is a reasonable time frame. Next divide up the task. See if your spouse will take half while you do the other half. If this is just not going to happen because your new spouses handwriting is atrocious than set small goals for yourself of maybe 10 thank you cards a night. This will make the task seem a lot less daunting and you will easily be able to reach your two-month goal. To save a little time and minimize the hand cramps, print off your return address labels or, to save a little money, use a customized stamp with your address. I found stamps online for anywhere between 25 to 40 dollars depending on the design. You can also usually buy custom thank you cards with your wedding invitations and have your address printed on the back of the envelopes.

Next, after you write all those thank yous for the same gift, don’t forget to return the multiple coffee makers you received. Most stores have a return policy of anywhere from 30 to 90 days. The last thing you need is to have several of the same item lying around your house collecting dust. Why not exchange these for something you need or some store credit you can use sometime down the line when the toaster breaks.

You spent so much time and money finding your perfect wedding dress, don’t let that all go to waste! Get the dress cleaned as soon as possible, preferably by a company that specializes in wedding dresses to avoid any unwanted stains or tears.

Now comes the arduous task of changing your name on all your documents. The first one you need to start with will be your social security card. You will not be able to change your driver’s license, passport, and other identification cards without this.

Lastly you and your spouse need to decide on what to do about your bank accounts, insurance policies, and taxes. Will you combine bank accounts or keep them separate? Either way you will need to change your name on all your credit and debit cards. You will also need to decide on things like whose health insurance will you use. Don’t forget to check to see if the doctors you regularly schedule visits with will take your new health care! Life insurance policies are the next item on the list. Although this is hard to talk about, especially after just getting married, if something were to happen to either you or your spouse it is nice to know they would have financial help. This is especially important down the line if and when you decide to start a family. Lastly, you and your spouse need to decide about how you will file taxes. Will you file them together, or continue filing them separately? I would recommend contacting your financial advisor for the best way to go about this.

Hopefully this blog helped organize your to-do list after all the fun is over! If you find we have missed anything let us know below or feel free to tell us your after “I do” experiences!