Casa De Glory Private estate wedding and event venue in San Diego

Everyone wants an event venue that has a certain level of personality. The standard ballroom or country club setup might allow for some creative decorating, but these venues always end up giving your event a slightly sterile ambiance. Yes, guests are usually there to celebrate with you, not critique the surroundings. But you want your event - your wedding reception, shower, reunion or other celebration - to be memorable for everyone who attends. A unique venue is the perfect way to give your event a sense of stylishness that standard ballrooms lack.

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There are no well-defined variables that make it possible to find these worthwhile event estates. Sometimes the most beautiful villa will end up being in a bad location, or you will fall in love with a boutique hotel event space only to find out that it cannot accommodate the number of people that you were hoping to invite.

That said, there are some general qualities that every good space should have. The perfect estate to illustrate these general traits is an events villa in San Diego called Casa de Glory.

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Casa de Glory is a Spanish-style villa in the heart of San Diego. It has one strength that every good event venue should have: it takes full advantage of its surroundings. Casa de Glory has an open design, so you can enjoy views of San Diego without even having to go outside. The balconies and terraces make it possible to enjoy the weather without losing sight of the view.

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Casa de Glory also has a strong sense of history. The venue was recently renovated, but it retains a lot of its original design, including tiles, wooden beams, fireplaces and pillars. Having historic surroundings is one of the easiest ways to give your celebration a special sense of romance. Of course, you will want to also make certain that your chosen venue has been updated so that guests will be comfortable and you will be able to offer them modern amenities during your event.

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Another thing to remember when choosing a historic estate is to make sure that it has everything needed to host your event. Behind-the-scenes features like a good kitchen and plenty of bathrooms can make it a lot easier to host an event. Casa de Glory, for example, has a huge state-of-the-art kitchen with U-shaped cooktop. It also has bedrooms that can be used to accommodate overnight guests.

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Whether your chosen estate is historic or modern, you should always, always look at the details. You need to make certain that the quality is more than skin deep. A good villa like Glory has authentic antique lighting fixtures, wrought iron railings, intricate tiling and expansive gardens. Don't be afraid to inspect every corner because the "corners" are going to give you insight into the overall quality of an events villa.

Venuelust has a number of other options for people seeking an authentic events villa in San Diego. Browse our site to see some more examples of what an ideal estate should look like.

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