Honeymoon in Ireland a guide

With its sweeping views, tempting cliffs and warm sprit, Ireland is often a popular honeymoon destination. Couples don’t have to worry about language barriers. There is always a pub open to help celebrate being newlyweds. And the scenery lends plenty of romance and beauty.

While Ireland might be an easy option for your honeymoon, planning your trip can still have its ups and downs. If you have decided to honeymoon in Ireland, keep these planning tips in mind for a hiccup free honeymoon on the Emerald Isle.

Pick an Irish Season That Works For Your Needs

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Once you have decided on a honeymoon in Ireland, couples often book their travels without giving too much thought to the time of year of their trip. However, Ireland is known for its unpredictable weather patterns. If you don’t plot your trip carefully, you could experience a very different Ireland than you imagined.

For example, winter in Ireland might help with your honeymoon budget with lower hotel and restaurant costs but it can also rain on your parade of visions of a green Ireland. Winter brings plenty of brown to the country’s landscape and temperatures can be downright chilly.

Spring on the other hand can lend more favorable temperatures and plenty of blooming flowers and green scenes. Summer in Ireland affords more daylight to sightsee, but you will have to battle the crowds and higher prices. In the end, couples must decide what is most important and head to Ireland when the season works for those needs.

Search and Compare Shannon Airport versus Dublin Airport

Photo Credit: Greg Clarke on Flickr

Photo Credit: Greg Clarke on Flickr

When planning a honeymoon in Ireland, most couples have tunnel vision with the airport department. While the biggest airport, Dublin isn’t always convenient to fly into or a better deal. For example, most travelers want to spend a lot of time on the west coast of Ireland.

If you don’t have a lot of time for your honeymoon, it might be worth it to look at Shannon Airport on the west coast instead. Before you click purchase on that Dublin flight, be sure to also compare the flight costs with Shannon. You just might save some time and money by double-checking.

Rent a Car But Know Your Insurance Coverage

Photo Credit: IrishFireside on Flickr

Photo Credit: IrishFireside on Flickr

Renting a car can be one of the best ways to see Ireland. You can reach more remote areas and truly appreciate the countryside. However, renting a car can be a bit different in Ireland than some other countries. Aside from driving on the left side of the road, car rental companies in Ireland generally do no accept insurance from third parties.

While your Visa might cover your car rental insurance in Spain, more often than not, it won’t apply in Ireland. You almost always will have to accept the collision damage waiver fee at the counter. While you can find a third party insurance outlet instead, you still have to read the fine print on your chosen company’s rental agreement. The company could place an astronomical hold on your card because you are turning down their insurance. When in doubt, read the fine print before you pick up your keys and drive off without being covered.

Purchase a Heritage Card for Pennies Saved and Painless Sightsee

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If you and your new spouse plan on doing loads of sightseeing while in Ireland, you might want to pick up a Heritage Card. For €25 per adult, the card grants you free admission to all of the fee paying state managed heritage sites for up to one year. The price of the card is almost always worth it if you plan on heading to several of the sights covered under the card. Some of those attractions include the Dublin Castle, the Rock of Cashel and the Kilkenny Castle.

Seek Out Castle Accommodations

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Not all parts of the world offer castle accommodations. Ireland is one of the lucky few where you can rest up for the night in these grand structures, surrounded by history and intrigue. Staying in a castle in Ireland is a no-brainer for the honeymoon planner. Castles provide luxurious accommodations with a uniqueness you can’t find elsewhere.

For example, Castle Leslie, just 90 minutes from Dublin Airport, welcomes guests to stay the night. Hailing from the 1660s, the castle comes outfitted with uniquely themed rooms for overnight stays. Set in the scenic Irish countryside, Castle Leslie provides the perfect backdrop for a honeymoon in Ireland.

More Tips on Planning a Trip to Ireland

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