Joelle Perry Designer Couture Gown

After seeing some of Joelle Perry's Couture Designer Gowns, I just had to know more about her. I wondered what enticed Joelle into designing dresses, where her inspiration came from as well as what her steps were in the creation of such a priceless and expressive piece to make the bride's dreams come true.

So I wrote to Joelle and she was nothing more than gracious, sweet and enlightening as I asked her the questions I just had to know after seeing her passion come out in these personalized one-of-a-kind stunner gowns.

When did you first start designing gowns?

I first designed my wedding gown 5 years ago. It was a baby pink, one shouldered, chiffon dress, and I had all my guests come in white. This was far before Pinterest, so I loved the idea of innovating a dress/style that hadn't been seen before. Something that could truly look unique.

Joelle Perry Designer Couture Gown

What enticed you into designing dresses

All I saw were the same old traditional wedding dresses and nothing out there that matched my style or aesthetic. When I searched for the perfect wedding dress for my wedding all I found was disappointment. I then decided to take matters into my own hands and make what I had always envisioned, the dress of my dreams. But what about all the other brides out there who were like me? That’s why I started to do something about it.  I wanted to be another option for brides.

Joelle Perry Designer Couture Gown

Where do you get your inspirations?

Creation! I am a complete lover of the world; the many different cultures in it and the beauty of creation itself, especially coming from the Hawaiian islands. From the rich dark colors of the rain forests to the dry, desert feeling of the lava rock fields, it all inspires me. But above all else, it’s the ocean that draws by largest inspiration. Not just in design but in life as well.

Joelle Perry Designer Couture Gown

What are the 5 steps you use to design and create the perfect custom dress for the bride.

1. First I meet with the bride. We do coffee together and above all else, become friends. I study her. I hear her love story and hear her dreams. This is a very important part of the process. It allows me to create the perfect dress that not only meets her needs/desires but also takes her visions to the next level. It's my favorite part.

2. Next is finalizing a design. I start to sketch and after we email back and forth a bit, and design is decided upon.

3. After this comes all the nitty gritty stuff. I take measurements, start to source fabric, and create patterns.

4. Once these are completed, a sample of the dress is made.Sometimes I need to make multiple samples. This is to ensure that the fit is perfect and the design is flawless.

5. Once the sample is perfect the real dress is created. I sew it up and send it out.

Joelle Perry Designer Couture Gown

* I can actually do all five steps while the bride is elsewhere. Living in Hawaii, I know my brides can always meet me face to face. Thank goodness for Skype, email and computers!!

Your Turn...

What aesthetics do you envision for your dress that not only compliments, but captures the essence of who you are?