July is the height of summer.

For most people, this is a time of suntanning, beach-going, barbecues, lemonade, and air conditioning.

July is also one of the most event-filled months on the calendar.

Major sporting events, food, drink and music festivals, and widely-celebrated national holidays give excitement-seekers something to look forward to almost every day during the month.

Many well-attended events are crowded.

For some visitors, the crowds are part of the fun.

But, with full hotels, long lines at restaurants, and other issues, attending a July event can be a bit draining.

Renting a room at a vacation estate while you attend your chosen event will allow you a chance to recharge and enjoy some luxury without missing any of the fun.

These estates, focused on providing personalized vacation experiences for their guests, can lend an air of exclusivity and comfort to the overall experience of attending a July event.

Here are the 5 Best Events that July has to offer...

4th of July

In the US, the month of July is punctuated by the fireworks of Independence Day.

Every population center, from the largest city to the smallest town, has some sort of fireworks display.

Events with live music, parades, food shows, and flea markets take place all around the country.

Tourists in the Virginia and Washington DC area can get in touch with the history of the 4th by staying in one of the rooms in a historic estate like the Rosemont Manor.

This particular property's Jeffersonian design and historic ambiance brings to mind the era when the US was first founded.

Many estates in the Virginia and Maryland area are located just a short drive from the Independence Day celebrations held each July in Washington DC.

The British Open

July is also the time when one of the world’s most prestigious golf tournaments is held.

The British Open, often held in the nation of Scotland (the birthplace of modern golf), draws the world's best golf professionals, and also hordes of golf-loving spectators.

For true lovers of the game, the Open stands alongside the Masters as the most anticipated tournament of the year.

Rental estates in Scotland and around the UK can provide a sense of luxury and privacy that can turn a trip to the tournament into a vacation of a lifetime.

Newport Folk Festival

Newport, Rhode Island is a nondescript city on the Atlantic.

However, its annual music festivals bring some of the world's most respected artists together.

The Newport Folk Festival has been around for more than 50 years.

Famed folk acts like Jackson Browne, Arlo Guthrie, Joan Baez, and Judy Collins have taken the stage at Newport in the past, though these classic acts are balanced by younger folk and roots rock performers such as My Morning Jacket, the Avett Brothers, and the Dap Kings.

The city overflows with visitors during the event, with people filling every campground and hotel room.

Rental estates throughout the central New England area can provide comfortable accommodations and some extra luxuries for people who want to appreciate the music but don't want to fight the crowds.

Comi-Con International (San Diego)

Comi-con has become one of the most followed cultural events on the summertime calendar.

Held in San Diego each July, this meeting of sci-fi fans, comic book lovers, and pop art enthusiasts draws visitors from across the globe.

Comi-con has evolved from an offbeat conference into a heavily hyped event where new cultural phenomenon are introduced to the general public.

The rental estates of the San Diego area can provide a place for Comi-Con attendees to enjoy a bit of luxury and comfort after spending their days immersing themselves in the latest innovations of the comic, anime and sci-fi worlds.

The Taste of Chicago

Chicago is a food-lovers' paradise, so it is no surprise that the Taste of Chicago is the world's largest and most attended food festival.

Vendors cover the Windy City's massive Grant Park for ten days, starting on the 4th of July.

More than 2.5 million people attend the event each year, and it has grown to include music performances and carnival rides (though the focus is mainly on the food).

The hotels near Grant and in downtown Chicago are always in high demand, making a rental estate a viable option for Taste attendees who want to enjoy a little space for themselves after negotiating their way through the hungry crowds day after day.

What's your Favorite Event in July?

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