June's Best Festivals and Special Events

June is when summer truly kicks into high gear.

Children are off of school, weddings are taking place, and people finally get to enjoy their long-awaited vacation time.

For some, all that is needed to enjoy June is a trip to the local beach, fishing spot or picnic area.

However, June is also a great month for traveling to special events.

From sports to music festivals to parades and cultural celebrations, it is really possible to make this the best month of the year.

Here are the most anticipated events of June....

Glastonbury and Isle of Wright Music Festivals

Things to do in June: UK Music Festivals

image via MojoBaron

If you find yourself in the UK in June, you can fill the month with music.

Two of the most high-profile events of the music festival calendar certainly provide a great reason to travel across the Atlantic.

The Isle of Wright Festival is a weekend-long affair that features headliners like Bon Jovi and the Killers and plenty of songwriters and indie rock bands (from Bonnie Raitt to Bloc Party).

The Glastonbury Festival's stages feature the best British bands of past and present eras, as well as a glut of international acts.

With more than 10 stages, this is truly a massive festival with something for every type of music fan.

The Stanley Cup and the NBA Finals

June sports: NHL Stanley Cup

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June brings a lot of sporting excitement to North America.

The most unpredictable professional team sports series of the year is the NHL's Stanley Cup Championship.

Even people who don't follow ice hockey can really get wrapped up in the speed and drama of the competition to claim hockey's biggest prize.

The NBA Finals also take place in June, with the best team from the East and the best team from the West squaring off in a seven game series that is inevitably filled with last-second drama.

The 24-Hours at Le Mans

Sporting Events in June in France

image via Dave Hamster

Held in France, this day-long car race is the oldest and most prestigious event in endurance motor-sports.

It was first run in 1923.

Sports car enthusiasts will enjoy the endless action on the track, while there are lots of events and parties surrounding the race that make it fun for anyone who wants to attend.

Auto related shows and some great parties can be found in this normally-quiet French town on race weekend.

Royal Ascot Horse Races

Royal Ascot June Events

image via Mike_fleming

Held each June on the famous Ascot Racecourse near Windsor Castle in Berkshire County, the Royal Ascot is one of horse racing's oldest events, with a history that dates back more than 300 years.

The event has a strong connection to Britain’s Royal Family, so there is lots of pomp surrounding the races.

Also, since this is the most important event on the UK's horse calendar, there is lots of excitement on the track as well.

The races take place over a five day period.

LA Film Festival

Best June Events

image via laasB

The LA Film Festival is not the most prestigious event on the festival calendar, but it certainly has some of the most buzzed-about films of the summer.

The screenings are dominated by more-independent films and art films.

The event lasts for 10 days and draw lots of Hollywood elites, many of whom use the fest to showcase their own more-personal works.

If you find yourself in Los Angeles this summer, the LA Film Fest is certainly worth a look.

Sonar, Barcelona

Barcelona's cutting edge festival of electronic music and digital arts is the perfect event for people who want to experience that latest that modern culture has to offer.

Huge DJ-driven dance parties, films and art shows take place over the three-day-long event.

Electronic music's biggest names come here year after year, so fans of this genre will be able to see all the best DJs and producers on earth.

What are you planning to do this June? Let us know in the comments section below...