Kim Kardashian Wedding

The talk of the town is what Kimye's baby will look like,

but the team here at EWE is really wondering what their wedding will be like!

Can we expect a procession of Juilliard dancers traipsing down the aisle after the couple's first married kiss?

Here are a few predictions we see possibly happening at Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's sure-to-be star studded wedding.

Some of our visions are ridiculous and just for fun while others we consider to have the right amount of extravagance.

1) Diamonds galore!

Kim and Kanye: Wedding Predictions

Photo via HauteLiving

We'll get to the ring, but first let's speculate on how many jewels will be dripping from Kim Kardashian's every extremity.

We predict instead of the $15 million diamond halo headband that she wore to her last wedding, she'll be wearing chunky diamond necklaces, bracelets and earrings instead.

Expect to see: long dangly diamond chandelier earrings and diamond bracelets such as Sofia Vergara in Harry Winston above.

2) The Ring

Celebrity Weddings: Insights and Predictions

Photo from InStyleWeddings

Or should we say the rock?

With this being Kim's 3rd wedding we think Kim will choose a completely untraditional ring- implementing a color in some way such as pink gold or a pink diamond similar to Mariah Carey's pictured above when she wed Nick Cannon.

Kanye is a trend-setter.

He will be giving Kim a ring unlike any other that is a symbol of his visionary style.

At the same time, Kanye has strongly expressed his bond to his mom.

There is a rumor that he is designing a custom ring with his mom's rubies and gems.

If Jay-Z gave Beyonce an 18-Karat ring that reportedly cost $5 million dollars, can we expect the same luxurious taste for Kanye and Kim?

2) Superhuman Beauty

Celebrity Wedding Ideas: Kim Kardashian

Photo via LIME

Kim Kardashian is going to look stunning.

Her hair style will be an updo similar to Hilary Duff's on her wedding day.

Her signature lashes will be extra plush with the help of plush mink fur which she has spoken about before, and her makeup will be done by her trusty artist Scott Barnes.

Her sisters will also look flawless right by her side as her bridesmaids.

Kim Kardashian Celebuzz

Photo from EstilaModaWeddingDresses

3) Designer Everything

Celebrity Wedding Designer & Planner

Photo from

Kanye West's dabble in the fashion industry a few years ago as well as his daring fashion statements seen in his streetwear and red carpet choices make us curious to see what he will be outfitted in on his first day as a married man.

A recent photo showing his support for Scott Disick's menswear line makes us wonder if he'll go as far as to wear his suit on his wedding day!

Judging by his affinity for Louis Vuitton, he wil probably be wearing a custom-made, tailored to the nine's suit by LV, but the rapper is also an avid Givenchy fan.

Kim Kardashian: Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Photo from CelebrityFashionista

Kim, on the other hand will be embracing her curves in a fitted lace dress by one of her common red carpet designer choices, Balmain or Lanvin.

For her last wedding, she took the coveted Vera Wang route and had a strapless princess gown.

This time, we think she will be projecting a feminine yet stylish aura in all lace a la Kate Middleton.

Kim Kardashian Wedding Designer

Photo via Fashionista

Speaking of designers, it would not be a surprise to see Kanye's famous designer friends Karl Lagerfeld or Ricardo Tisci show up on the wedding day.

4) Location

Photo of Borgo Resort, Italy from The Knot

This was a tough one.

Kanye has very avant-garde taste.

He would most likely shoot for a destination wedding in a place like the Italian or French countryside.

A foreign, secluded place has the advantage of less paparazzi.

On the other hand, the two might enjoy the convenience of an American location.

Oheka Castle

Photo via Venuelust

From our properties, we think Oheka Castle in New York would be perfect in an ideal paparazzi-less world.

The castle looks like it could be one of the ones hidden away in France while emanating Hollywood-star glamour.

Located between the Hamptons and New York City, the second-largest private estate in the United States would be an accommodating venue.

The only drawback could be the fame of the site itself-making it accessible to sniping cameramen.

Private Estate Wedding Venues

Photo via E Online

But wait, Kim and Kanye's reported $11 million Bel-Air mansion location opens up the possibility that they could be taking hints from EWE and having their wedding in their very own backyard!

5) Honeymoon

Celebrity Honeymoon Destinations

Photo from The Telegraph

Every weekend seems like it is already a honeymoon for the jet-set couple, so what vacation could sweep them off their feet?

They've traveled to Paris, Italy, and Mexico together.

Their honeymoon trip will probably be a private jet destined for the Maldives- the ultimate island getaway, or a private island owned by a high-profile friend.

6) Decor

Celebrity Wedding Decor Ideas

Photo from JasonMorley Flickr

Guests will know they're in for a treat the moment before they even step out of their cars.

Kanye will be planning a spectacular entrance such as a tunnel of lights as seen above.

Celebrity Wedding Flowers

Photo from FancyPantsWedding

No rainbow colors here.

Recently, Kim and Kanye's style has been oozing sophistication.

They will most likely go with an all white color scheme, or white with hints of pastel pink or lavender.

We expect an over-the-top amount of big, blooming white roses flowing across tables and from bouquets.

Wedding Bouquets; Celebrity

Photo from ProjectWedding

Have you ever seen swans made completely out of flowers like a piece of a parade float.

That's more like it!

7) Catering

Celebrity Chefs and Catering Ideas

Photo from Macaron Mag

With Kim Kardashian's best friend opening a Japanese sushi restaurant and her and Kanye frequenting high-end sushi restaurants, we foresee some top sushi chefs such as Nobu Matsuhisa of Nobu being flown in and manning an on-site sushi bar.

8) The Finishing Touches

Entertainment at a Celebrity Wedding

What can we expect for entertainment?

At the Timberlake's wedding, Justin sang a song he dedicated to Jessica.

Rapping may not be wedding appropriate but Kanye does have some talented friends that could offer their voices such as John Legend or Alicia Keys, who were both guests on Kanye's recent album.

A John Legend wedding song favorite is "Stay With You."

All in all we expect an unforgettable night!

What did we miss?  Do you have your own predictions to share?