Kura Design Villas Uvita Costa Rica honeymoon destination

Kura, which translates to “Jaguar” in the native tongue, sits deep in the rain forest covered hills above the Uvita Village. It is in fact not too far from our previous destination Rancho Pacifica. Kura does seem to sit closer to the coastline and is set so that it gives a better view of the Whales Tale and coast. From the beginning, it was obvious that Kura is the type of place that sets out to exceed expectations, blow them away even.

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Kura reached out a few weeks prior to our trip inquiring about our arrival, knowing that we were visitors to Costa Rica and they offered their assistance with transportation, In true “Kura Fashion” they picked us up from our previous location, free of charge. The driver for Kura arrived right on time, loaded our bags and we headed around the mountain. It was a quick drive, only about 20 minutes. As we got closer, our driver radioed ahead to let the staff know we were on the way.

We were greeted with a refreshing drink and cold towels, multiple staff members stood by, some ready to take our luggage while another directed us upstairs to check in. As we approached the front desk we could not help but be distracted, just to the right of the reception is a large infinity pool and lounge, with a stunning ocean backdrop. The view from this deck is like no other we had seen. The panoramic view stretched for miles and miles.

Kura Villas Uvita Costa Rica wedding venue

As we began to get settled in, a young man greeted us and escorted us out to the deck and to a sitting area near the pool. There he sat with us and gave us the rich history of Costa Rica and Kura and how so much of Costa Rica is incorporated into the vision, design and amenities of Kura, from the eco-friendly solar power it uses to the Greenhouse it keeps behind the hotel. Our conversation continued to find that he had been working at Kura since they opened just 3 years ago. He called it the best job he could imagine and that the staff there were like family, which was evident by the smiles they all walked around with. Within a day, we were on a first name basis with each of them.

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It was mid-day and we were hungry, so before getting a chance to see our room, we decided to sit for lunch. The lunch menu and Costa Rican inspired craft cocktails meshed great with the relaxed, yet luxurious, vibe. We started with the “Lorenzo sandwich,” marinated flank steak with onions, fresh jalapenos, tomatoes and a chipotle dressing, it was phenomenal and right up our alley. This was something we came to expect while at Kura, the menus for each meal felt appropriate and unique and the quality of food was excellent.

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Kura Villas Uvita Costa Rica Luxury hotel 3

We finished up our lunch and couldn’t wait to see our room so we headed down to the room.  I will never forget how beautiful it was walking into the room. Kura has 6 villas, all perfectly placed on the mountain side. Such a modern and sleek design paired with romance and relaxation. The room's only wall was facing the entrance, the remaining 3 walls were completely glass. Our california king bed faced the ocean so not inch of the view was lost.

A large wooden deck with modern white furniture and an oversized hammock hangs off the back of the room. A large glass shower sits against the glass facing the view with a door that opens onto the patio. The design truly allows you soak up every second of the surrounding landscape. While the beauty of the rooms view is definitely a sight to be seen the functionality and style of the room are equally as impressive.

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Kura Villas Uvita Costa Rica Luxury hotel

Kura's concierge had also reviewed possible excursions and Kura luxuries we may want to enjoy. Since we were celebrating our anniversary and only visiting for a couple days, I decided to book a few surprises for my husband. On our first night, the Kura staff had organized a private rooftop dinner for the two of us on the Sky Lounge.

The ceiling above the main deck pulls back to reveal the night sky and a staircase leads to the rooftop, we grabbed a drink at the bar and headed up. A single table was set for two, romantic music was playing and candles filled the night sky. The few lights of the village shined below and helped to carve out the coastline of an otherwise midnight sky. We sat for dinner and immediately something grabbed our eye.

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Being from Southern California, we are big sushi fans and I am not afraid to say that hands down we had some of the best sashimi we have ever had, fresh yellowtail marinated in ponzu sauce served with diced avocado, roasted garlic and sliced jalapeno peppers. Simple yet elegant.

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The next morning I had a second surprise planned, the concierge had recommended a picnic on their private beach. Unfortunately, as we awoke that day we were greeted with rain, thunder and lightning. I guess weather can be a bit unpredictable in the rain forest. Since our day plans were now out of the question, we headed to breakfast with the idea of creating a new agenda for the day.

While at breakfast we were introduced to some very cool fruits that were local to Costa Rica and that we had yet to see or try. The first was a star fruit, which when sliced, actually takes the shape of a perfect star, and has a sour-sweet, citrus flavor, perfect for the start of your day. The other was the Guanacaba, which actually has been proven to have cancer-fighting properties, it’s sweet and soft and looks a lot like the inside of a white watermelon.

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At breakfast our discussions led us to a couples massage at Spa Sha’, followed by a relaxing day in our room and around the facilities soaking up all that Kura’s beauty had to offer. Taking advantage of Kura’s amazing spa is a must during your stay. The facility is serene and peaceful, and the staff puts you at ease with hot tea as you choose from the different body oils which can be used. It turns out that Costa Rica and the rain forest had it right all along because that massage was exactly what we needed after a week of traveling.

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After our massage and feeling completely renewed, we spent some time back at our room just relaxing together. The day was slowing turning to night and the sun had started to set. We got ready for our last night at Kura. We were definitely not ready for our stay here to end. Because Kura only has the 6 villas we decided to sit at the bar and hoped to meet and share the Kura experience with others staying there.

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This too turned out to be the right choice as we never ended up leaving our seats for the remainder of the night. We meet another wonderful couple that happened to also be from California, they had first visited Costa Rica some 7 years ago and had since turned it into an annual trip, and have made Kura either their only stay or make it their last stay.

A local Costa Rican couple also joined us, they were not staying there but celebrating their anniversary with dinner at Kura where they became engaged a few years earlier. The six of us and the bartender had the best time reliving our experiences and enjoying the conversation while we soaked in every last second of Kura. There was no better way to end our stay than with laughter and great conversation!

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Kura is absolutely a must if you are visiting Costa Rica; it has everything! From romance, relaxation, beauty and the most personable friendly staff we have ever experienced. The design of the villas set such a beautiful tone mixed with the Costa Rican forest and ocean. Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, honeymoon, birthday or just traveling for fun, Kura will be a place you never forget and will want to go back to again and again.

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