Labor Day Weekend Escapes in Mexico

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Labor day marks the end of the summer season making it the perfect time to get away for one last adventure before the hard work begins again in the fall.

With beautiful beaches surrounded by azure waters, vibrant fiestas illuminating the city streets, and a colorful culture with unrivaled hospitality, Mexico is the perfect place to indulge.

From wine tasting in the Valle de Guadalupe to swimming with manta rays in Cabo, there are endless once in a lifetime experiences for you to enjoy during your Labor Day weekend escape.

Eco Villa Encuentro Guadalupe

For the ultimate eco-chic getaway, the Eco Villa Encuentro Guadalupe is simply unbeatable. Hosting anywhere up to 10 guests in the stylish main villa and room for plenty more in the additional eco lodges, there’s room for all your friends and family to join you this Labor Day vacation.

The villa combines the natural beauty of the Valle de Guadalupe with the luxurious comforts of a top hotel - without the distractions of a television or phone. The breathtaking unspoiled views of the valley from your private outdoor deck provide the perfect backdrop for an evening of fun and relaxation with loved ones. With an onsite chef at hand to cook you a mouthwatering evening meal, an outdoor fireplace to keep you cozy, and delectable wine tasting from the surrounding vineyards, you won’t want to leave the villa.

Eco Villa Encuentro Guadalupe

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Top 3 Things to Do

A trip to the Valle de Guadalupe would not be complete until at least one wine tasting trip has been experienced. The valley is gaining a fast reputation for being at the forefront of a new wave of Mexican wines, and there’s a unique blend of traditional and experimental vineyards to explore. Here are three of our favorites:

Trevista Vineyards

Described as having a unique combination of beauty, tranquility and natural energy, this intriguing vineyard has a reputation for creating some of the best Mexican wines, and the dramatic scenery certainly gives you something to admire while tasting some of their delightful Tempranillo wines.

Monte Xanic

The Monte Xanic offers wine tasters the opportunity to spend some quiet time in the relaxing surroundings of their small private lake, under the mottled tree cover, beside the swans, so it’s no surprise that this small scale winery is a big hit with visitors. The late harvest white desert wine is such a unique taste that you’ll definitely want to take a bottle or two home with you.

AIXimia Vinicola

Built to amaze, the AIXimia Vinicola is a stunning architectural feat which has been hailed as the cathedral of wine  The fascinating flying saucer like building is home to some refreshing blends and is an inspiring place to wind away an afternoon.

Eco Villa Encuentro Guadalupe

Image credit: Rebeca Anchondo

Villa Marcella

Combine the fun and excitement of one of Mexico’s most popular resorts with the peace and tranquility of a luxury villa for the ideal Labor Day break. As you unwind with a cocktail on the private beach after a soak in the jacuzzi, your thoughts will be a million miles away from work.

The Villa Marcella is kitted out with state of the art lighting systems, Egyptian tavertine-marble floors, private baths, a wet bar, entertainment and media room, and incredible sea views from almost every room, making it an ideal location to host a spectacular party celebration.

Villa Marcella

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Top 3 Things to Do

As enchanting as the Villa Marcella is, it would be a crime to visit and miss out on some of the incredible attractions in the region. As well as the vibrant nightlife, visitors flock to the area as it has some of the most alluring dive spots and watersports in the country. Here are three of the most exhilarating experiences to be found in Cabo San Lucas:

Cabo FlyBoard

For an adrenaline rush like you’ve never experienced before, head into the water and blast yourself into the sky with a water propelled jetpack strapped to your feet. This new watersports phenomenon is only available in a limited number of locations around the world, and Cabo San Lucas is one of them.

Dive Cabo

With astonishing underwater scenery, an abundance of marine life, and expert instructors to guide you, a dive in the crystal clear waters of Cabo makes for an enchanting day out. Some of the most commonly spotted critters include manta rays, scorpion fish, octopi, moray, mobula rays, puffers and an array of colourful schools of fish.

Panterra Eco-Expeditions

For the ultimate wildlife experience in Cabo, book yourself an eco-expedition day trip with the panterra team. The tours take you to some of the most remarkable local wildlife habitats, allowing you to learn about the delicate ecosystems and the importance of how we look after them. You’ll get the chance to catch a glimpse of some incredible creatures in their natural habitats whether you’re on a mountain hike, a whale watching excursion, or a scuba diving trip.

Villa Marcella

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There are few locations in the world that can compete with the to astounding style and natural beauty of the Cuixmala estate in Careyes. Nestled on the pacific seafront on it’s own 3 km stretch of private beach, surrounded by a 25,000 acre nature preserve, and home to thousands of bird species, it’s a nature lover’s paradise.

The only thing more staggering than the natural beauty of the surrounding area is the lavish building and interiors which await you when you arrive. With spacious airy bedrooms looking out over the seemingly endless ocean, a private pool and fully fitted media suite, personal chef to cater for you, and beautiful gardens and grounds, you won't want to go home.

Cuixmala, Jalisco, Mexico

Image credit: Sam Granleese

Top 3 Things to Do

A stay in the Casa Cuixmala is the ultimate indulgent experience, and one that can only be enhanced with the addition of an adventurous excursion in the surrounding natural wildlife havens. Here are three of the most incredible experiences to enjoy:

Ocean Kayaking

There is no better way to enjoy the calm sea waters than by taking an ocean kayaking trip out from the bay. You’ll get to see the beautiful coastline from a unique perspective, taking in the sights and sounds of this coastal paradise while also being up close and personal with the marine life which is swimming in the waters below.

Nature Trekking

The Cuixmala property stretches for 25,000 acres, and this protected land is teeming with unusual flora and fauna. Make the most of this unique natural wonderland by taking a stroll along the meandering paths and tracks, capturing photographs and memories along the way.


The calm shallow waters of Cuixmala are teeming with marine life making for the perfect snorkeling conditions. From the sandy shores of the private beach there are tons of fascinating underwater rock and coral formations to swim out to and explore, with a kaleidoscope of colorful fish weaving in and out of each other. You can go it solo or hire an instructor to take you out on a guided expedition.


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