Photo of our Featured Estate of the Week Casa De Miel in Encinitas, CA

Happy Labor Day Weekend Estate Weddings and Events Friends!

Where will you be traveling off to this weekend? What celebrations do you have planned? We hope you will be staying cool in the rising heat while still enjoying the extra time off! Let's make summer last a little longer, shall we?

This week's blog posts will get you right back into the swing of things after you are done relaxing during Labor Day Weekend with plenty of company holiday party inspiration. If you are just beginning your search for this year's holiday party location for your company, check out our blog posts for some starting points.


Here is What You Missed This Week...

-- 5 Reasons Why The LA Rooftop Gardens Venue Will Make For An Unforgettable Holiday Party

-- Teaser: Malana Estate’s Simply Sweet Inspiration Shoot

-- 5 Ready-to-Go Themed Estates for Your Company Holiday Party

-- Holiday Bash Basics: How to Select a Smashing Venue For Your Company Holiday Party

-- 10 Ways to WOW Your Employees At Your Holiday Party

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