Your Local Guide to Colima, Mexico

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Located in western Mexico, not far from the Pacific coast, Colima is one of Mexico’s best kept secrets.

Lying peacefully amid the jungle between two impressive volcanoes you can find everything from beautiful beaches to fields of sugar canes, lagoons, and mangrove swamps.

With unrivaled scenery and stunning weather year round there are plenty of reasons to make Colima your next destination of choice.

Where To Eat

Enjoy a genuinely local gastronomic experience

If you want to taste the true delights that Colima has to offer then head to any one of the many markets taking place throughout the week, and indulge your senses in all the fresh exotic tropical fruits that are currently in season.

Breakfast at the La Buena Vida

Open for breakfast or brunch, La Buena Vida is a quaint spot with incredible food and a welcoming atmosphere. With an epic menu exploding with delicious options, there is no better place to start your day.

Eat until your heart's content

Tucked away in a quiet residential area, Corazon Contento is one of Colima's hidden gems. Boasting flavors not often found in this part of Mexico, this unique restaurant offers a diverse international menu that will please even the most discriminating appetites.

Where to eat in Colima, Mexico

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Where To Shop

Drop in on Suchitlán’s famous mask makers

The nearby village of Suchitlán is bustling with artisan crafters who are most famous for their mask making. Their traditional Mexican masks are sold in many of the local shops and market stalls, and you can see them being hand crafted while you explore the delights of their workshops.

Wander through Comala’s colorful market stalls

Taking place on both Sunday and Monday, Comala is home to a wonderfully diverse market rich in handicrafts. From palm frond hats to carved wooden furniture, the selection is impressive and the prices are extremely reasonable.

Discover Colima’s grand plazas

For an authentic Colima shopping experience check out the charming plazas, hidden courtyards and cobbled side streets that litter the main city. Each plaza has it’s own unique character with an assortment of shops and cafes to immerse yourself in.

Where to shop in Colima, Mexico

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Where To Play

Fly over canyons in La Cumbre

Paragliders recently discovered that Colima's thermal winds provide more than favorable conditions to practice their favorite sport. Take off from La Cumbre and fly over some of the most amazing canyons, valleys and hills for the ultimate adrenaline rush.

Kayak through granite gorges on the Rio Armeria

If you’re seeking a tropical whitewater experience that is sure to get your heart racing then traversing your way through the volcanic rock gorges and granite bedrock beneath a giant volcano should tick all the right boxes.

Take an Exhilarating ATV ride through the jungle

Nothing gets the adrenaline pumping like an off road adventure on ATVs through the crazy jungle terrain and out onto the deserted sandy beaches at Peña Blanca. With scenery, serenity, and a whole lot of fun to be had along the way, you’ll be left with some great memories after the ride.

Things to do in Colima, Mexico

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Where To Relax

Chill out on the beaches of Manzanillo

With sunshine guaranteed 350 days of the year, there is no better place to kick back and relax than Manzanillo. The pristine and unpopulated beaches are undeniably the most beautiful on the western coast of Mexico. Head to the little known Playa de Oro for pure tranquility.

Cool off at El Salto waterfalls

Lying just north of Manzanillo you'll find the breathtaking 100 feet high cascading falls of El Salto. As you make the drive up the winding mountain road through rainforests and jungles you'll feel as though you have traveled back millions of years in a landscape which can only be described as Jurassic Park territory.

Ramble along rustic lagoon side pathways

20 minutes north of Comala you'll find a charming park called Centro Turistico Carrizalillo built by the indigenous people. Bring your camera because the park is home to a beautiful lagoon surrounded by hills, and the wild fauna is truly magnificent.

Where to relax in Colima, Mexico

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Where To Indulge

Soak in the thermal springs at El Hervidero

If you need to de-stress then Colima's thermal springs are the place to do it. Getting to El Hervidero only takes 40 minutes and it's well worth the effort. The exuberant jungle landscape is awe inspiring and the hanging bridge offers incredible views of the nearby town.

Sample the local speciality

In the heart of the city you’ll find Colima’s main plaza, the Jardin Libertad. Spend the afternoon relaxing in the plaza while listening to the street musicians entertaining in the gazebo and enjoying a refreshing glass of the city's specialty drink, agua de tuba.

Tee off at one of Manzanillo’s world class golf resort

Playing host to celebrity tournaments throughout the year the 27 hole course at the Grand Bay Resort and Isla Navidad Country Club was designed by Robert van Hagge. Featuring two holes over the lagoon, 13 lakeside holes and eight holes along the coast overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Where to indulge in Colima, Mexico

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Where To Get Inspired

Tackle the peaks of Central America's most active volcano

Dominating the skyline of Colima are two mighty volcanoes that you can hike and climb for some of the most breathtaking views imaginable. The Volcan de  Fuego is a more laid back ascent, but the Nevado de Colima is prettier and clad in fragrant pines. Start your trek at the Parque Nacional Volcán Nevado de Colima.

Tour the local coffee plantations

If you've got a soft spot for coffee then a trip to one of the famous Suchitlan plantations is a must. Hire a local guide to make the most out of your tour and remember to visit between January through April to see the workers in action.

Unearth the history of lost civilizations

The Yucatan Peninsula is one of the most fascinating historical locations on the planet, and Colima has its fair share of historical artifacts and archeological sites. None could be more impressive than the ancient ruins found at La Campana and El Chanal, where there is evident of extremely complex and sophisticated social, astrological and agricultural systems.

Where to get inspired in Colima, Mexico

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Where To Stay

Pure bliss at Hacienda de San Antonio

There’s no competition when it comes to finding gorgeous accommodation in Colima as the Hacienda de San Antonio is all you could ever dream of.


Providing the perfect blend of elegance, comfort, style, and romance, this beautifully restored plantation offers you a place to relax and unwind after a long day at the market or out on a thrill seeking adventure. As intimate as it is grand, you’ll be delighted to discover the charming garden features, stunning mountain views, and luxurious amenities.

Hacienda De San Antonio Destination Weddings

There are 22 suites and 3 grand suites to choose from, each with a distinctive style and color palette, along with large communal areas and function spaces which are ideal for hosting a party or event. To top it all off, there’s a 110 foot long swimming pool which you can relax in any time of day or night. If there weren’t so many superb places to visit in the local area, you could easily wind away the days without even leaving the grounds.

Hacienda De San Antonio Corporate Retreat